Friday, October 16, 2009

My First Home(less) Cooked Meal

I would not call it the most "heart healthy" meal I could have made, but is was certainly in the old school tradition of The Hobo..riders of the rail...kings of the campfire! Dollar store Beef Stew cooked over a camping grill in the can.

I have had this grill some 15 years, but never used it before. Worked flawlessly. I did burn some of the stew in the bottom of the can, but it's all a learning experience. The stew was so-so. Next time I'll try a different brand.

Another day, another milestone.

Oh, the pics are a tad fuzzy because I didn't notice that the lens was in macro setting. and since I wanted to maintain my journalistic integrity, I resisted the urge to first geo-flexible meal, I simply used the original pics.


Until next time...

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