Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Is Another Reason Why President Obama Has To..

...apologize for us all over the world:

(Play Video)

Isn't that the same AsSeenOnTV-ette that needs some kind of earworm to play BINGO?

I mean...just how pathetic and stupid do you need to be to not know to SIT DOWN to do stuff with footwear ?!?!?!

So, please..if you love me..even if you can only tolerate me...and I get to the point I need the shoedini in order to be able to walk outside..

Get in your me..kill me.


Edited To Add 10/27/09: That old guy. 2 things....

He is the same old guy with a back problem in the Topsy Turvy Tomato Plant Thing...and has that same ..."...ooh.." back thing while kneeling in a garden pretty much doing nothing.

And in this commercial...with the young blonde.....

Looks like he hired her as a hooker and while pulling her shoe off is saying, "For a hundred bucks, I want you naked...NAKED..."

Just sayin'....

Next post back on topic.

Until next time...

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