Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lucky Me Part Deux

Sometimes I have odd thoughts. Sometimes those odd thoughts become odd questions. Sometimes I would post the odd question birthed by the odd thought online. Some people thought I was odd..but a chosen few "got it"

In a past life, I was a very active member of a Home Theater website. It was just before the last Star Wars movie was to be released and I oddly thought to myself.."What if I die before it comes out?" So I asked on aforementioned website if anyone there ever fretted that they would die before seeing the season finale of their favorite TV shows. In particular..."24".

Odd question..but some of them got it!

"24" is one a very few shows I have never missed a single episode of. Jack Bauer is the man!

So on Monday, October 5th 2009 as I was struggling with pain and wondering if I would live though this, I can honestly say the season opener of "24" this coming January was no where to be found in my brain.

Odd, isn't it?

Now....back to my story.

SIDETRACK: The reason it took so long to continue writing is that I had to come to grips with what respect the severity of what happened to me deserved. I mean, I have no real scars...overall feel fine.

The stent is installed and I now have a new part of my body not generated by cell division. It was an odd thought. As I watched life return to that quadrant of my heart, I could feel the pain subside...the level of intensity in the room diminish...and I could calm down.

I was alive...I was saved...wasn't going to die that day.

With my camcorder neatly tucked back into hiding, I was wheeled to the Cardiac Care Unit to be re-wired and tended to by the staff there. I was out of the cardiologists hands. I was told do NOT move my right leg at all for hours. At that point, one of the attentive ladies from surgery would come and remove the hardware and press on the wound to allow it to close. Thing is, my blood was so thinned out, it would not simply clot on it's own. Fortunately for my self respect, I was so full of different substances at that point, that I was not...stimulated...by an attractive red head pressing for so long "down there".

I was told to NOT move that leg for upwards of 6 or more hours. And I didn't. But that's pretty much where my compliance begins and ends.

Enter Nurse Ratcheted!

To be continued....

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