Monday, November 23, 2009

So, let's talk laundry....

What better day to do it than Thanksgiving! I mean, I get my choice of machines..TV channels..and no one there I worry will steal my clothes.

This T-Giving will be just a bit different for me. With just a few exceptions, I have always made the meal. Did the deep fry a couple of times, DAMN tasty...even if the first time I nearly set the house on fire. Frankly, that was pretty cool. The flames must have gone up at least 20 feet!

SIDETRACK: Regards the post below. I was accused of having .." too many.." when I posted it. I was sending a special little someone a birthday message. I willingly admit I will have one too many on occasion..but that was not the inspiration for Tinker Bell's appearance on here.

I am of a Native American lineage. You can tell by my high cheek bones.

So this year I sit the holiday out.


I wish you all, sincerely, the best Thanksgiving ever and encourage you to embrace those around you.

Life is short...time is precious...loyalty priceless.

The holiday also gives me time to work on my upcoming special..

"A Very Homeless Christmas"

I wish I could have had it done before November Sweeps ended!

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