Thursday, July 5, 2012

FINALLY On The Road!!!

Edited To Add:

Here's yours truly looking all happy and stuff!
 Actually, I was feeling pretty good at that moment. What you see is me looking at the cell wondering of it did what I wanted it to.

I'll smile longer next time.

Did about 7 hours all told on the road yesterday. Stopped twice for gas. Regards that product, here I am seeing prices as low as $2.86 a gallon. Given that New Jersey is supposed to have the lowest gas taxes in the country, AND hosts refineries within it's borders, makes me wonder why prices stay as high as they do there.

The states I covered yesterday are: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and now in Virginia.

I wanted to get to Roanoke before I settled in for the night, but due to the ongoing power outages from last week's "Land Hurricane" the rooms around there are all booked. Frankly, I am lucky I got a room at all. Minor complaints are:

A. No "Smoking Allowed" rooms available.(Thanks loads, tobacco Nazi's!)
B. Nice HiDef T.V.'s in the room, but:
   1. Not a single HiDef channel to be found.
   2. They are all set up wrong, so people look "squished"

BTW...thank you the two Virginia's. I LOVE the 70 M.P.H.!

Currently riding Route 81 South, and will be for quite some time.

SIDETRACK: Money saving Tip! When you cross from Pa. to Md. on Rt. 81, you are in that state for maybe 20 miles. Here's the thing....

Maryland has a nice piece of what one might call "Income Property" on that stretch, in that, there is ONE section where the speed limit drops, and they love to snag Out-Of-State motorists for what is probably a nice sized fine.

Just sayin'

Anyhow, currently staying in a motel, courtesy of The "K" Family, who are also sponsoring in large part my foray into America. Mississippi is the next goal....expect to get there Sunday or Monday. The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders is holding up nicely. No A.C. tho, so it's hot as hell inside.

I expect to get moving again around noon or so. Please continue to keep good thoughts and prayers for me, and if you see The Van...honk and wave.

Until next time....

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In Waynesboro, Va. I had wanted to get to Roanoke, but all the motels are packed because of the ongoing power outages from last week. Will post some pics, soon.

Thanks ya'll for staying in there!

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