Monday, July 9, 2012

Boy, Do I LOVE Waffles!!!!

I publish this in the interest of laying to rest fears I am malnourished and starving myself. When I have really skinny people telling me I look anorexic....and I kinda do.....I know I have to make some changes to my diet. Thus I present...... lunch at Waffle House this past Sunday.

And...the aftermath.....
 See...I can eat when I want to!!!

Frankly, I discovered when sitting on the stool at the Waffle House, that I have no ass left! I simply have some muscle and bone, and it hurt to sit there. My shoulders kinda stick out, and over all I have that sexy "Homeless Waif Guy" look so many find so appealing.

Where's that fashion week runway for me????

I need to eat more AND develop some program so it doesn't all end up on my belly and face again.

After that, got in The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders and drove for some 12 hours, landing in Mobile, Alabama.

Tougher town than I thought it would be.

I settle in to my room and start to write a post when....


At midnight, the servers for the motel experienced "Malware Monday". No net at all. Every hotel that showed up on the grid disappeared at the same time.

I get the shakes just remembering that.

This morning, I did take a brief swim in the pool, which was refreshing. Problem was, the only pair of shorts I can wear that don't fall off of me are now soaked. I didn't go in the water early enough for them to be dry for the final leg of my travels. So, had to wear another pair that are too big, and needed to be "taken in" using a paper clip.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. One interesting thing....

The van suddenly felt like it was young again! It was riding and running really smoothly and a joy to drive. If the A.C. had been working, it would have been like the old days!

Good times.

I patted the dashboard and said "good girl"!

Drove West on Rt. 10 for a while and then.....
TADA!!!! Destination reached!

Finally...after years or trying to get this state in particular..I finally arrived.

The way to the home I am staying at, took me through the "shore" area of Biloxi and adjoining towns. I wound up on a road that flows along the shoreline of The Gulf Of Mexico and was pretty nice to view. It was tempered with the images I recall from Katrina blasting her way through here.

Thing is, where I am was Ground zero for her. New Orleans' didn't take a direct hit like this area did. That city's problems came from the failed levee. The house I am in is brand new, built in an area that formerly held apartments building, totally blown away.

I hope to do some exploring and picture taking in the coming days.

A trip to The Big Easy is certainly to be on tap, as well.

Here are two pictures showing this kind of sculpture I found in a couple of place here. If you look closely, you can see characters made in the limbs..

I guess it's a regional thing. I'll try to find out.

Tomorrow brings about Day One of school. I hope to learn much and accomplish even more.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who, over the years, have been in my corner. The good wishes, prayers, support...made this possible. I will post as often as possible and keep you all apprised on my progress, hoping I don't let you down.

Many of you had faith in me when I didn't have any in myself. My dignity and self worth had hopped on board the last train to Esteemville.

One last thing.....

What kept running through my head since yesterday,  over and over and over, was "The Serenity Prayer". I was given a plaque when I was 10 by a guy by the name of Charles Barker, who ran the hospital where my father was recovering from a massive stroke. Hospital rules wouldn't permit me to visit him, so I decided I would make my own rules, just for me, and this began a game of cat and mouse between me and a security guard.

I was spunky! Charles liked my spunkiness. He shooed the guard off and personally took me to see my dad. He paid for my mother and to have Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital with dad. And when I was admitted for some test years later, he covered the cost of my T.V. and phone.

He liked me.

So he gives me this plaque when dad is finally discharged. Through the years, I would pull it out if the drawer I kept it in and read it...trying to fully fathom it's meaning for me.

While going 70 M.P.H. it finally kicked in.

May God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

It hit all at once and it was like a cloud was lifted off of me.

I hope I got this one right.

Until next time.....

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