Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ok...Where To Begin....

So much has transpired, that it's hard to pick a starting point.

Obviously, it completed when I got to Cowboy's Stadium to attend to my designated task of photography/videography

Started a day early and pretty much I hit the ground running. Started shooting as soon as I
could. In the 4 days I was working, I figured I must have walked some 60 miles. I took a LOT of pictures....really nice shots. Thing is, they are the property of all things Mercury and I can't show you least as of this writing.

I covered events, book signings, families, dogs, stage setup, and the dry run the day before "Restoring Love. My last assigned task was to documents Rep. Michelle Bachmann's book signing, and from there, what I shot are mine. The image on the preceding post is about all I took. I was so swept up in what I was seeing, feeling, and experiencing, taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

I had never seen Glenn live before. As a public speaker, he was engrossing! His speech at the end, had the most rousing effect on a crowd I had ever seen. You could feel the energy in the stadium go off the charts.

Completely captivating.

The Restoring Love event will be broadcast on TBN this coming weekend. Click HERE for the schedule.

And there is so much more to tell.

As for your humble narrator, my mind has been occupied with finding some gainful employ. I have all of $16.00 in my pocket and a full tank of gas. My motel runs out tomorrow morning and I have no idea where I am going next.

That's why I haven't been writing as much, no spouting my remarkable postings on Twitter and Facebook. And I have a bunch of other kinds of pics to post, like the next one:
                   This Little Guy!

At 70 M.P.H in the middle of Louisiana, I see something hopping around the windshield out of the corner of my eye. He finds his perch, and takes in the road. About an hour later I had to stop and get gas, so Mr. Toad was let out near some water and grass.

I hope he enjoyed the ride. I have NO idea where he came from, but suspect in Mississippi. There are these toads there that sound like mini-sheep when they bellow.

Really odd.

Anyhow..I'll wrote more, soon. I have a meeting tomorrow and have a call to make for an interview that was set up for me.

Here's hoping!

But for right now, I am kinda screwed and a LONG ways from whence I came.

Keep good thoughts for yours truly.

Until next time.....

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  1. I hope you will get to show your photos, or that Mercury does and gives you credit. 7/26-7/28 in Dallas was GREAT!