Friday, August 17, 2012

Well...This Was Pretty Interesting....

Finally got my second sale today, and I feel pretty good about it. The company is talking about transferring me to a place I would LOVE to be in. I won't elaborate much more, so as not to jinx things, 'cause this place would be uber cool!!!

So...I had to get to Walgreens to buy a couple of things when I get waved frantically at and a nice young lady with a poodle asks me about the writing on the van "Homeless Advisor". Now, this is not unusual as, in the past, others have come to me asking advice. If I know something, I share it...but c'mon...really...I live in a van...a Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders....but a van none the less.


She asks me if I know about resources and services and such to help people get back on thier feet. I try explaining I am from Jerzy...with the disclaimer that I don't know Snookie...and that my knowledge of Texas is quite limited.

SIDETRACK: Ahh, for the days when everyone associated Jersyans with "The Sopranos" and types like that. #GoodTimes

Well...turns out it's for her "baby brother" who just did a 10 year stint for...ahem...MURDER!!! Said criminal infraction having occurred while he was on parole for attempted murder.

Practice makes perfect, I suppose.

I have met victims of some horrible crimes...but never a "big sister" to one who helped another achieve room temperature.  It was kinda startling!

I gave her some Google search ideas, the names of a couple of national agencies and that was pretty much that.

During our conversation, a nice young man of African lineage says to me, in a very happy tone while pointing... "JERSEY"!!! And into the store he went.

On his way out he stopped by to talk for a bit. Seems he was born in Central Jersey, near Routes 1 and 9....Colonia...and was raised in San Francisco. Told me he works for American Airlines and was bemoaning the recent contract his union signed with the air carrier. Some judgement came down in favor of the union...kinda...and he felt some relief at that.

It was a nice conversation and he went his way....I went mine.

On the way out I notice a white Lincoln Town Car and a "McCain/Palin" sticker in the rear window. At the traffic light, I honk to get the driver's attention to  pay compliment on said vehicle. Turns out, it was the same young man I had been speaking to moments before.

In the brief and hurried chat before the light went green, I learned he put that sticker in the window, admires Glenn Beck, and is staunchly Conservative!

How the hell did THAT happen?!?!??!

Born in New Jersey.
Raised in San Fransisco.
Black American.
Union Member.

And this guy had his head on straight!

Must be something about Texas.

I am impressed.

Gets more interesting all the time.

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