Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cheap Motels: The Good And The Bad

 INSTANT SIDETRACK: Gives me a great excuse to use this cool GIF again!

What I have learned, at least here in Texas and Tennessee:

1. Internet speeds seem to be a lot faster than at more expensive places.

I stayed 10 wonderful nights at a Marriott Extended Stay. REALLY nice room, 2 flat screens..a nice little kitchen. Relatively slow internet. DSL speeds of around 3 meg down.

Cheap places have given me about 10 meg downstream.

2. WAY better showers!!!!

For the first time I think ever, I had to back down on the amount of water coming at me in the shower here. I CRAVE a shower that feels like it's taking my skin off. Thing is, this one WAS taking my skin off! It was great!!!

More expensive places use those cursed "Water Saver" tree hugger shower heads.Cute and P.C., but wimpy and it never feels like you get all the soap rinsed from "those" places!

3. "Colorful" occupants.

The higher priced places draw a more common, casual crowd. Cheap places give roofs to folks who are pretty entertaining. Who needs T.V. when you have a Jerry Springer audition right outside your door! Speaking of which....

4. T.V

The higher priced places have this won, hands down.

Ok..downside...and this is a BIG one!

PREFACE SIDETRACK: Before I share this, let's review.

I spent nearly every night from August 4th, 2009 to March 24th 2012 in The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders. But for a few nights in donated motels and hospital rooms. I shared said living space with Bob The Formerly Van Eating Dog. I would take Bob out for regular walks, sometime in wooded areas, with no adverse conditions arising.

One time, I stopped at a Walk In center for homeless types, to check in on things and collect mail. There was a specific day when two folks were there, one sleeping on the floor, and another (God bless her) who looked like she had not showered in a year.

This was a day I decided to let Bob join me, because the woman who ran the place liked him a lot.

Bob, being the adorable canine he is, drew the attention and affection of all there, including the 2 aforementioned folks. I was concerned about fleas, etc. I felt really bad about this crossing my mind, but given the circumstances, it was not unreasonable to be considered.

I kept Bob at a bit of a distance.

I had maintained a vermin free environment to live in. I recalled having been at Penn Station many years ago in N.Y.C. and seeing a guy half asleep (read: wasted) and clawing at his skin because he itched so much.

I wanted to not have that experience in my resume.

Thus....I took great precautions.

Cheap Motel Downside:

Say hello to my new friend, rolling on his back "haw hawing" because he bit up my ass!

 Yeppers...bed bugs!

I had already spent a few nights at my current locale with no adverse results. Once I found myself in a position to do a couple of weeks at a time, they put me into a different room on the 2nd floor.

Now I not only have to use stairs, but I am very itchy as I do so!

Over 3 years homeless...most of that in my van. Never so much as a mosquito bite.

I get a solid roof over my head................

As I enjoy the very intense shower and speedy internet I must pause from surfing or typing to ....



And so it goes....


  1. Hey! I'm here because I just saw you & the van on Rufe Snow making a left on Trinidad!
    I'm planning on reading your blog as soon as I get home!!
    Good Travels!!!

  2. Hey, next time you may wanna check or something similar

    1. I never thought I'd have to check something like that. I found that site AFTER I was looking up bedbug stuff. Thanks for offering the link.

    2. Oddly enough...seems this jim waters guy who is living in his truck in North Dakota is dealing with this and has been for a while. He's been emailing me for sometime now and has been REALLY addled as of late. That must be why! Hope he gets better, soon.