Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Wonder If This Is What "Bi-Polar" Feels Like

Been a heck of a weekend! The appearance on Glenn Beck's Radio Program created a whirlwind of activity here at Camp Scooter:South East...and in email and blog hits.

Contrast that with what my life and feelings have been like since last August. All my stuff gone and my "Marty" gone. To say I was in s funk is a huge understatement.

Morose is more like it.

This new happenstance has been both humbling and overwhelming. Quite the experience.

The support that has been offered and given keeps things in one piece here. In fact, I found myself in a position to do something I haven't done in a while.

I was able to donate 2 turkeys to my town , Mt. Olive, for a couple of families here.

SIDETRACK: Mt. Olive is the Township. Budd Lake is one half and Flanders the other. I wonder if I have been Google Earthed yet?

It was the response to Glenn having me on the program that allowed me to do this. All I did was make a phone call or 2 to see who needed said dead poultry. It's his fan base that did the rest.

What was surprising, in a pleasant way, was that the Houses of Worship I reached out to first had plenty of turkeys to give out. One church actually had leftovers! Speaks well for the communities here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For myself, I will spending the day here at Camp Scooter:South East and probably causing trouble on Twitter. I am grateful for a number of things, but I am just not in to the holiday aspect of Thursday at all. I simply won't be celebrating. If you plan on stopping by, please respect that.

Perhaps next year I will Decree a Day of Thanksgiving for all in Afscootistan (All Hail, Afscootistan)

For everyone out there...
For Glenn, Stu, Pat, and Keith, as well as everyone at Mercury Radio Arts....
To all who reached out in person and online this past weekend....
For those who are my "regulars" up here....

The Happiest and Safest and Warmest and Cherished Thanksgiving ever to you and yours.

God Bless!

P.S.: J.M.S.: The last words you and I said to one another were "Good luck". I thought it was a fitting and proper ending to things, business and personal. Why you are starting in again, who knows. Let it go. When I pray at night, I add you, your wife and children in my request for God's blessings. I don't expect the same in return. Just...let it all go. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. I have added you to my prayers sir. Take care, be safe and hopefully next year you will be in a place to celebrate this "holiday". May God be with you and your spirit.