Sunday, February 20, 2011

I CAN'T SEE!!! Well..ok...

...the Mac is much smaller than the VAIO and I actually have to wear 2 pairs of glasses to read most stuff on here. The Mighty Mount Scooter is melting away, thus internet to The Conversion Van of Wonders is improving. guys are great checking back here and all, and I feel that I have let y'all down. It's just winter and ice and Mt. Scooter and aged eyes. The glasses give me a real headache.

Another day or so and the VAIO should see the servers from McDonald's and Panera making blogging a lot easier. Frankly sometimes I feel like this....

All the ideas and thoughts and thanks and feelings and....

You get the idea.

Keep warm thoughts for your humble narrator and I shall return soon.

Until then.....


  1. how are you? Marilyn here! Thinking about you hope all is ok.

  2. hi Scooter, Been thinking about you during the winter. Hope your doing well. Must be really lonely without Bob. Hope he's doing well too. When the weather is warmer will stop by to say hi.