Sunday, January 9, 2011

The McRib Is Gone Again!

Official Mourning Period Begins.....


  1. What's ur name on twitter? Do u accept donations? If yes, what type.? How is bob and does he need food?

  2. First of all, thanks for reaching out. As for twitter...use your detective skills and you'll find me. ;)

    As for what you can offer, my basic needs are gas and cash. Everything else is currently under control. Good thoughts and prayers help as well.

    Bob The Formerly Van Eating Dog is doing nicely in his new home. He was adopted a couple of months ago by a young lady who is an animal enthusiast. If you go back a few posts, you can see recent photos of him. If you go back to last spring, you can see vacation pics of Bob.

    You can also write to McDonald's and let them know McRib saves lives! I miss it already.

  3. Glad bob got a good home. Gas and bank cards work for u? As for the mcrib... all I can say is good ridden. Double cheeseburgers all the way. And they r cheaper. Do u have a po box or anywhere u receive mail?

  4. Thou hast striketh mine heart with a arrow most foul! Buy a McRib and an Angel gets their wings!

    If you are in N.J. you can find me in Budd Lake at The WalMart. If not...please email me directly @ and I can give you an addy.