Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank You's And Such

Just gonna get down to it! The above card was brought to yours truly by a lovely young lady by the name Veronica. The card read, and I quote....

"I hope you're having a good day, Scooter. Veronica"

Written in absolutely wonderful 6 year old girl font. And what impressed me is that show knows the proper use of "you are"'re! Not UR or your. GOOD girl! She also brought me a box of items, many of which had little chocolate hearts taped to the top. And a real life giving substance....2 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

HOMER VOICE" "Thiiinnn minnnntttts...MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

When shaking hands I noticed her quite nicely applied nail polish which begged the question, what Disney Princess was she. She replied.."Tinkerbelle"

Now, Tink ( a HUGE "6 year old me" crush! Great legs and blonder hair! Ultimately my tastes matured and I now favor the crimson haired, Ariel is permanently in my heart!) is technically a Disney Faerie, but who am I to quibble. Veronica was an absolute delight to meet, and her family generous in their support of your humble narrator.

Going back to Thanksgiving absolute miserable day for moi! My generator died, car battery was dead. Cold...rainy...all adds up to worst day in quite some time. I was still feeling heartsick over refusing a Thanksgiving Dinner from a VERY nice lady who went out of her way to bring it to me. I know I hurt her feelings, and to this day I get an inner tweak recalling the look on her face.

I was just a morose, miserable ass. And I again regret that incident.

I flagged down a fella who stopped by and gave me a jump start. We talked a bit and one question he asked me struck me in an odd way. I mean, the question, given the circumstance...lot PACKED with folks seeking out the "After Midnight Sales" beginning and me living in The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

"Does it bother you to see all these people spending money and buying stuff, tonight?"

I thought about it before answering. I understood his perspective, but it was wildly out of sync with mine. I answered I thought it was great. After all, these people were spending THEIR money THEY earned, that it was being exchanged for iPads and other gifts bode well for the economy.

(Exalted Leader has seen to destroy that with Obamanomics and rising gas prices. At least the population gave the ebb and flo of spending a good shot before more of his policies crept in.)

I replied that I was pleased to see it, wishing The Home Of Falling Prices my best, and that all of the in store pushing, fighting, tugging, as well as, the battles over parking spaces happening that night was ALMOST putting me into The Christmas Spirit.

He was surprised I think by my response, but he got it.

Once the car was started, I plugged my inverter into the ciggie lighter and fired up the laptop. I went online to complain about the evenings events and allowed the cars heater to warm me up. Shut down the 'puter and moved to the driver's seat to turn the car on and off, saving gasoline thus only waking to heat things up as it got cold inside.

I was dozing the next morning when I got a tap on the window, and a very nice young woman asked me how my generator was. I said it was kaput...she said, "Let's go buy you a new one!" COOL!

Thus begins the full out "Thanks" to all from The Christmas Season!

To Michelle and John, thanks for the generator and ALL your help when The Big Move took place.

Kudos to John for the XP help, as well. To Steve for the laptop "tune up" and the gift-O-gasoline.

To Chris, my "Gas Genie" for keeping things running and warm.

To the mom and daughter team from my old neighborhood with a VERY generous gift. It made a BIG difference in things!

Mary, whom I inspired to exercise more, thank you for all you did.

To Christine, thanks for your efforts and words of support for yours truly. It was heartening.

The folks in the forum based in Hackettstown for their support and good wishes, and stopping by to say "Howdy"!

John, out of the blue via above mentioned fora, who did maintenance on the generator and offered up a very generous gift!

To Sam for the Macbook and ongoing friendship and concern over my status. The Macbook gave me internet in spite of Mt. Scooter's best efforts to thwart it.

To Mark, who I have known since grade school. I have not been the most consistent of buddy, but you have always been there and reached out on a regular basis. That is precious and I thank you for everything.

To "c" for 2 nights of bliss by getting me a hotel room. She is another who over the years has been a steady friend...thank you.

My friend Ron who out of pocket gave me a 3rd night there and done much for me over the years. Our love of all things tech, via his Home Theater website, allowed us to meet. Our friendship has made the connection enduring.

I am sure there are those I am missing right now, and will make addendum's in future posts and they come to mind.

I blame my dain bramage.

So, there. I finally did it. Finished up at 4 A.M. Back to the regular, mundane stuff I usually post soon enough.

Until then....

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