Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick Update

I am S I C K!!!! Some kinda flu just hammered me when I woke up this morning. I never get "sneezy" colds or flu, but not this time. Been non-stop.

I moved across a median and pulled out the generator. I had to keep warm and reduce my gas use. In a day and a half, JUST keeping warm and one 20 or so mile round trip....$80.00!!

Aforementioned round trip....to the dentist. 4 hours in the chair...one root canal and one cap...one post for a crown. I was quite spent to be sure.

Coming Up: Thursday with G.P. for a check up and look at something I have growing on a knuckle. Then Friday back to the Dentist and 2 root canals.

Bob The Formerly Van Eating Dog stopped by and looks great. Pics coming.

Saw an Opthomologist and my eyes are healthy, although getting long in the tooth. I need Bi-Focals! Bleh! I used to have 20/15 vision.

I had been living in the front part of The Conversion Van Of Wonders and could surf, but not really type. I was pretty scrunched up and could only use single fingers while my arms were back, looking like a T-Rex.

Will post more later....