Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seems The Glass Has a Hole!

This morning I was voted off the island...completely! Two of Mt. Olive's Finest came by to deliver the news. These are both guys I know and two very nice professionals.

It was strictly business.

Seems that the Bully From Bentonville pushed the issue and I was told I am banned from the parking lot completely. They said I broke the agreement. Here are the tenets of said announcement.

1. Out during the day. No specific time given.

There you go.

I was out during the day Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday was raining and I asked the store manager if I could stay for that day.

I have 2 appointments today and am out of the lot now. I would have been out by 10 A.M. with or without said "nudge".

Look, the folks here, with one VERY recent exception, have been great. Even when the blizzards came, one guy of the plow team plowed meticulously around The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

Aside from that one notable exception I'll call "H" it's been amiable.


.... a carpetbagger with no view of the community. Not saying I don't have detractors, but by and large people know me, like me, support me. Just yesterday I went and helped a couple of ladies who ran out of gas to help them on their way, not asking for nor expecting anything in return.

It matters not to that person that I have distinct permission from one other tenant with rights to that lot, as well as one other with no objection to me being there.

Just being a bully. And my sense is "H" wants to be bagman in chief with loftier goals regards ladder de' corporate.

So your humble narrator knows not what he shall do nor go. It is what it is. The night is the problem, and safety the concern. Fortunately we aren't having really cold weather, so not using the generator is less of a problem that would have been a week ago.

Let's hope the weather holds.

Understand, WalMart is still my favorite store in the world. I won't stop buying things there, nor inclined to besmirch the company in total.

I am not expecting this particular post to accomplish anything really, just letting my followers know about my day to day, and maybe venting just a bit. I have a lawyer on speed dial that I've already spoken with. He's working on it.

Will keep y'all posted.

Until next time...

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