Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Can Help The U.S.O. Today For FREE! And make a way cool cake.

EDITED TO ADD: This promotion is over, but you can still show your support directly by going to: and making a donation.

From Twitter @ the_USO Check out the @TasteofHome flag cake recipe if you need a dessert this holiday! Every view is 10 cents to the USO!

They will donate up to $100,000.00 to The U.S.O.

If you make this cake, bring me a B I G piece!

Ya'll have a Safe and GREAT 4 of July Weekend!


  1. Say... do you have aPayPal account so I could send you some $,How can I help you?
    Do you really live on Walmart parking lot?
    The PD doesnt bother you? I could give you lunch or things you could use but you are so far from me. I am trying not to drive as much to save money, gas is way too high still.
    Regards one friendly soul to another.
    We take our comfortable way life for granted.

  2. First of all...Have a GREAT 4th of July holiday and please, if you haven't click on the link from this post.

    I don't have PayPal, but you can use Walmart's money transfer service if one is near you. I have had a friend use it in the past. What I would need is the transaction number to collect the funds. Please email me with your direct email addy so I can give you the necessary details.

    Thanks for offering.

  3. P.S. Yes I do live in the parking lot, for just over year now.