Thursday, June 30, 2011


07/02/11: Fork, meet moi....I'm done.

Overview: When I first saw the ad and reached out to the writer I asked if the RV was still available and was told yes. I asked to be place #1 for the purchse so I could go about fund raising. He said...yes.

Well...that's simply not the case it appears. I would not have gone online and asked for help if it wasn't a somewhat sure thing. I had a few folks stop by and others offer up funds directly to me. I asked them to wait, because something wasn't quite right.

Seems he did speak to someone else who wants it to house "migrant" workers. The buyer was going back and forth on whether to nail the deal, all the while I am in the background pitching a sale to me. I had a person who was going to put up a substantial amount of cash. Could have been a done deal, but I was told wait.

Well...been waiting all day. May a few calls but was never answered. moi.

Then I get a call from my new storage place. I couldn't make June's payment and won't likely make July's.

Good bye my stuff.

Fork....bring your friends.

I will probably end up in the van until I drop dead. Most likely alone. There is a saying:

"Life sucks, then you die"

To which I would add:

"But never soon enough"


NEW UPDATE: Deal is hanging by a thread. There was one in front of me who has a deadline to meet. That passes, the RV is mine. PLEASE keep positive thoughts for yours truly. 07/01/11

EDITED TO ADD: As of this writing, I have yet to hear back from the seller. I know he had someone that was first in line....when I posted originally that was not made know to me....and that was not going well. The ad is still up online so, we'll see what happens.

Some say that hope can be fleeting. Hope isn't...what you are hoping for is!

I found a 34' ROAD READY Winnebago that I can live in. It would give me a home and a chance at really getting my life back. I need to raise $2,500.00 soon....I mean REALLY soon! If you can help or have any ideas, PLEASE let me know!!!!

I will have been living in the van for 2 years come Aug. 4th. Since then I have had a heart attack with stent insertion, 2 week bout and hospitalization with diverticulitis, 103 fever, and drain for an additional 10 days, then a couple of minor strokes. With each I have either returned to, or endured in, the conversion van.

Please consider.


  1. Do you have a PayPal account? I would happily donate $5 -- perhaps enough of your other loyal readers would as well?

  2. Thanks for your offer. I can't use PayPal because I have no bank account currently. Your offer would be eaten up by asking them to cut a check. If you are near, feel free to stop by and please email this to all your friends.

  3. I'd like to donate $20, where can I drop it off to you? I saw your posting on Craigslist.

  4. Thanks for your kind offer. Right now I don't know the status of the RV. Hoping for an answer tomorrow.

  5. Dear Homeless Advisor,

    I am a new follower as of today. Today, I have seen you van a dozen times part at Walmart. And, I must say, what a set up you have!!! I must say I admire your efforts of survial. However, what happen that you are homeless? From you blogs it sounds that it is not by choice but who am I know assume anything. Also, and I am very sorry to be nosy, but are you allowed to receive mail at walmart? do you have a mail box outside you van for passer bys? Other than cash is there anything you need for van? Well, Happy July 4th!!!!

  6. And a Happy and safe 4th to you as well, Eryn....a fine Irish name!

    I can tell you it has been by choice that I am in the situation I am in.

    Stop by sometime and say hello, when you can.

  7. Just found out I need to raise just shy of $400.00 by end of business tomorrow or my stuff goes to auction.

  8. Unfortantely, I do not have cash to spare, however, when ever I am in the area (My husband and i go to Walmart and Lowes often due an infant, a fixer-upper home and our budget) we will stop by with left overs. I am not the best cook but I always cook too much to know what to do with.

  9. Would love to meet your family. And I can NEVER see enough babies!!!

    Hope you all had a great holiday!