Friday, February 3, 2012

Watch Out America, I Will Be Going On A Road Trip!

This coming July in The Lone Star State, Glen Beck's Non-Profit arm, Mercury One, will be holding a 3 day event in Dallas. If you "Right Click" the above banner, you can open the link in a new tab and see Glenn's announcement detailing what this event means and expects to accomplish.

I have signed up as a volunteer, hoping that through this event, I can give back in my own way the generosity and care others have shown me these last few years in The Conversion Van Of Wonders. Not sure what my responsibilities will be, but I look forward to executing them with enthusiasm.

The video below is from GBTV and is a longer version of the above radio segment. It will also give you a flavor for what Glenn is doing on television now, since his departure from Fox News. Frankly, the past few episodes have been harrowing, focusing on real, significant threats our nation is facing. Those specific episodes will be available at Glenn Beck's main webpage for free this week. What was detailed regarding The Arab Spring, George Soros, The Teetering Economy and other concerns for our nation and way of life....survival..are chilling. Well worth your time to view and learn.

BLATANT PROMO SIDETRACK: Glenn offers a FREE 2 Week Trial of his new network. Click the red GBTV above and give it a try now. It is well worth it!

That's why an event like "Restoring Love" is so significant.

Enjoy the episode below, and give serious consideration to being a part of this

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