Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Parade, My Ass!!!!! Please read.....

Ok..I am not one to EVER defend Nanny Mayor Michael Bloomberg on anything, quote..

"Bloomberg says Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Martin Dempsey and other Army officials "made it clear" to the city "they do not think a parade is appropriate now."

This smells like Pennsylvania Ave. call the shots. You know, the guy who says "he" killed O.B.L. and is working to shrink our Armed forces.

So, I had this idea to do a "Viral Parade" to honor The Returned Iraqi War Veterans. Pick a day when donations to 5 different non-profits with a proven track record of REALLY supporting the Armed Forces would be made online. By encouraging all American's to donate what they can, choosing the organization based on the last digit of their Social Security number. For example:

0-1 U.S.O.
2-3 Wounded Warriors
4-5 etc.

You get the idea. And each donation, tweet, facebook mention use the hashtag #IVVP (Iraqi Vets Viral Parade) so that their services is recognized and honored.

These men and women return home to no fanfare and an economy that is in shambles and a job market that is diminished. Many with great physical and emotional challenges, facing months if not years of recovery and healing.

This nation owes them at least this much!

Your thoughts...organization choices...opinions....suggestions...????

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