Sunday, January 15, 2012

Need Some Help If Possible

UPDATE: My friend Roberta got me the 2 nights I needed! Thank you and God bless!

UPDATE REDUX: Got this from Roberta a few minutes ago. "The Force" is in harmony today!

QUOTE:" Thank YOU Scooter! You gave me the contact I needed to find a home for my horse, thus likely saving her life - as well as saving me some $$ every month. Turns out, one of the people Lorraine referred me to, had an empty stall, and I'll be moving Skye there next weekend. Not a fancy place, but the horses are well cared for, and it's a good bit cheaper than I'd been paying. If I hadn't talked to you today, I probably would never have found Lorraine's phone # again, and then who knows what would have happened to the old nag? :-) I feel like a 2-ton weight has been lifted off my shoulders!"


I know it's been quite some time since I last posted...a lot has happened.

A lot of it good!

The Conversion Van Of Wonders is FINALLY repaired. The brakes were done and it is safe to drive.

Problem: My insurance expired in August and I simply had no money with which to renew the policy. In N.J. if you are caught driving a vehicle without coverage, it's an automatic 6 month loss of license. Add in surcharges, insurance hikes, etc. and it's a pricey thing. Add to that, if I had not either surrendered the tags or obtained insurance by February 2nd, my license would be suspended as well.

Solved: I was able to obtain a loan and now have coverage for the van.

Problem: Because so much time lapsed without insurance, N.J. suspended the registration and it will cost $100.00 to have it restored.

Solution: Raise capitol, of which I have some cash towards that.

Problem: I am sick. I was given a few nights at The Extended Stay America hotel here in Budd Lake that was a real blessing. However, I am supposed to leave today by noon. The manager here is pretty accommodating re: check out, but can't give me a comp night.

I can't get back into the van until tomorrow at the earliest, thus I have no place to stay for tonight. Meaning....out on the street.

Solution: If anyone has some free hotel nights rewards that are about to expire or they can spare (, Expedia, etc.) I would be quite appreciative if you could send a night my way. Temps headed into single digits and not hospitable to sleeping under the stars. 2 nights would be perfect because Tuesday I can get the registration solved and be fully mobile and sheltered. I can't do anything tomorrow because of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

In my next post I'll detail the interesting and contrary circumstances that , while seeming pretty dire, turned into something pretty good! There are people and one specific Deity owed many thanks. Also, Christmas was pretty good, all things considered.

Thus, if anyone out there can help, please let me know.



  1. I had the same issue with the insurance issue.But the loop hole i found is that if you claim the vehicle undrivable during the lapse, they don't suspend the registration.
    Meaning, sending a letter to the DMV regarding the vehicle being undrivable at the lapse date, you are not required to have auto insurance unless the car is being used.

    There are other situations like lost title, stolen car, death or sickness to which this loop hole is to satisfy.
    If you have a document from a repair place, or maybe a abandon ticket, it would help.

    But i have simply just written a letter to the DMV stating the car was not being driven and is being stored, the suspension was dropped.
    Pen is usually mightier than the sword.
    You could always try.Also they didnt even have an address to send you the offical document to send your registration document.

    Thats will all things legal regardless.They need to warn you before trying to do service.

  2. I'll look into that, thanks. In actuality it WAS not drivable due to the front brakes being shot. The local police here can confirm the van never moved since August as well.

    Thanks for the info.