Sunday, June 13, 2010

Akkk..where to begin....

I am sitting in The conversion Van Of Wonders that is not so wonderous today while dealing with a chest cold AND allergies AND H E A T!!!!

The van started sputtering 2 days ago and running really rough. Once I parked and tried to start it again, it was a no go. In so much as I had run out of gas many times this past winter, as well as putting old gas in to stay warm and mobile, I and others figured it was an overtaxed and clogged fuel filter.


Right now dunno if it's the fuel pump. relay, or if I even have spark. Bob The Van Eating dog is with me until this afternoon, but once gone back to the shore, I can pull out the seat and the dog house over the engine and do the spark check.

And here I thought I would get to write about a LOT of stuff from the past month and a half or so. Best laid plans and all that.

So, if anyone is in the Budd Lake area and wants to stop by and say "Howdy". you can easily spot The Conversion Van Of Wonders from Rt. 46 Westbound at the Minute Mart and Vincenzzo's Pizza Restaurant. I MUST say these folks take very good care of me.

SIDETRACK: JUST now a very nice young man came up and offered me some cash. This helps TONS!!!

One bonus is that I do have electric and internet, so I should be able to write something this evening in the way of getting y'all caught up. Since my hospitalization, it's been pretty interesting and enlightening. I hope to get to regular updates and stories soon.

Until next time....


  1. To the person who came to me this morning and just messaged me via this blog...PLEASE give me your email so that I can contact you.

    I moderate comments here and they won't appear unless I release them, so your email would stay between you and I.


  2. Looking forward to the update. I know you've heard it and I hate to say it but lay off the smokes for a couple of days. Either that, or smoke a lot more so that you'll cough until you don't have anything else to cough.