Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where To Begin?

It's been SOOO long since my last post of any merit or substance and much has happened. The diverticulitis adventure took a fair wind out of my creative sails. Add to that the day to day stuff that keeps getting in my way and....

I just haven't been writing!

And there is so much to tell. The groups of 'tween boys who asked me the most intelligent questions about my situation. The car fire I saw today at WalMart. ALL the people who offered me such support when the car was down for the count, fuel pump wise. And the tech shop owner who offered to fix it, no labor and parts at cost.
Not to mention finishing posts I started here with the promise of a follow up. And of course the man I met who belongs to a group that you and I quote at least once a day, on average.
Tonight I have until 12:01 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time to be mobile. After that, my insurance lapses for the time being and I will be grounded. So, I'll have a fair bit-O-time to muse here and get caught up. Look for more frequent and consistant postings, especially since I am counting down to FINALLY getting my way outta New Jersey!!!
In the meantime, feel free to visit me. I will be at the abandoned Shell gas station on the corner of Rt. 46-W and Woodland Ave., 07828. And while in the area, stop in for some delicious Italian food at Vincenzo's right near by. Tell'em the homeless guy sent you. They have fed me very, VERY well!
Until next time...

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