Saturday, December 4, 2010


OK..I saved my stuff from the auction Saturday, but it MUST BE OUT by 5 P.M. this Monday, December 6th!!! I haven't been able to muster much help so I am reaching out here for volunteers. I am reticent to post my personal phone number this being the 'net and all, thus as an alternative, I created an email addy:

So I can get messages. If you can help, we are doing it today, Sunday, in a storage place at the border of Budd Lake and Hackettstown. Muscle is needed. And if anyone has a truck PLEASE let me know ASAP! It would save me the cost of a trailer.

If I don't get stuff out by the deadline, I will be out a $300.00 deposit. It was the only agreement I could get that would save my stuff.

So PLEASE, email me if you can help and what you can do for this.

Thank you all so much!!!

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