Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moved A Buncha Stuff....

...but much more to go. The head meds I am on seem to make cold unbearable. Understand, I have never been a fan of winter. Even as a kid...not for moi! When my kids were little, I had them touch snow while I said "yucky...ewww...." over and over. No sleigh riding with this Daddy!

My late wife was not pleased! Lesson was unlearned, toot suite!

Can't say I didn't make the effort.

Anyhow, I had to stop after a certain point simply because it felt like my skin was being cut by a million razors.

Tomorrow I have a couple of volunteers for limited time. I am really afraid I won't hit the deadline of 5 P.M. Again if anyone reading can lend a hand for a while it would be truly appreciated!

As for other current events, I have started cooking for myself again. When Carlos, owner of Vincenzo's, was feeding me, cooking wasn't an issue. But 2 things happened. He closed his business and I was blessed with a more powerful generator. Thus, I can use my NuWave oven.

I was craving mashed potatoes! Went into the Home Of Falling Prices, that is also at The Location Of Falling Temps (31 degrees and dropping right now with pretty gusty winds), and bought 2 frozen dinners and cooked'em.

Was great!

Tonight I had 10 of those little Hot Dogs, proclaimed by your's truly to be "God's Perfect Food", wrapped in a flaky dough. That was a REAL treat. Love those things!

So if nothing else, I am fed. I topped off each meal with Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets 2-Packs.


Anyhow...wish me luck, as well as those who come to help. Don't forget the email:

to reach out if you can be here. We are starting at around 10 AM.

Until next time...

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