Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Santa.....

If you or any of the elves have spare or about to expire Hotel or Miles Points....I mean c'mon, you circle the globe....I could sure use'em. All the current activity up there in your Workshop at The North Pole is pushing one nasty cold snap my way, Monday.

And on Christmas Morning....

No need to try to fit it under a tree. Just kinda park it under the "McRib Is Back" sign here near The Home Of Falling Prices. I've been good....honest! Here it is Santa: HOME

UPDATE 12/17/10 The owner of this RV just lowered the price by 500 bucks Santa. So....

1 comment:

  1. hi!
    Just wanted to see how your day went on Saturday. I saw your van at the lucheon (not that I'm a creep or anything), and it made my day. Keep on keeping on, you give me a lot of hope.

    p.s. Maybe you saw me too? I was one of the musical guests.