Sunday, November 25, 2012


Ok...I hate doing this. Last night was extremely TOUGH! I was all prepared to sleep in the van....motel money ran out. And since contracting pneumonia, lost the job I had and have been unable to work. Around 10 P.M. I was gasping for air. The cold had made it very difficult at best to catch my breath sitting still. I had to convince the motel here to trust me on the rent and given me a room.

Once I was inside and warm, breathing became easier but still labored to a degree.

I took the entire Cipro amount and had hoped that was that. My former boss had this and it ultimately led to him being sick to the point of kidney failure. I am hoping to avoid that if possible. So far, it's all been respiratory with a couple of times with a fever.

Before it got so bad last night, I had talked with a manager of a mattress store who uses sign holders/spinners about possible work for today. I don't think I'll be able to do that...but we'll see. I woke up wheezing and trouble taking deep breaths.

Bottom line, I am, with help from family and friends, holding on to this room.  Please take my word, I would rather have been able to stay in the van until I gathered my own resources, but my lungs would have none of that.

Until next time....

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