Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Obligation Is Pretty Clear!

This is probably the most fear and hopelessness I have felt in years! This is my last night with housing, van will be running on fumes, auto insurance expires at midnight, cell has 39 minutes left, and less than $2.00 to my name. Thanks to people like Bill Maher encouraging violence on people of my color, I feel more vulnerable than I have in a very long time.

Given all want to help me in the long term? Elect Romney! It will take some time but he will pave the way for the economy to recover. Get government to stand aside and allow us fellow American's to restore wealth and opportunity to the nation. I have had public assistance in the past, and it helped me survive, but not move forward. I came to Texas to rebuild myself, and despite some setbacks, I feel this is the best place for me to be. This state stands on it's own, overall, and has a fierce independence that's lacking in most of this country. If there are things to take care of, Rick Perry doesn't "blame Bush" or Ann Richards...he and the elected officials here simply work to get things fixed...period.

We need that in Washington. We need Romney/Ryan.

If you haven't voted yet, please make sure you set aside the time tomorrow to do so. I know Sandy made a HUGE mess of everything, but looking at it, Obama's FEMA is making some thing worse. Politicians of his ilk are simply in the way. Look at how Bloomberg is handling N.Y.C. He won't let the National Guard in to the city because they carry guns! Declare war on the Big Gulp, but screw the powerless and give generators to the runners in the Marathon.

This stupidity doesn't stop in N.Y.C. Obama takes it national. Wait...make that international.

Think Benghazi...think Libya. Send radicals there weapons for the Arab Spring, and now those arms are used to kill one Diplomat and 4 retired Navy Seals.

Allow weapons at that embassy? Naw...might be offensive to the Mid East leaders Obama bows to...literally. To the contrary, he, Panetta and Clinton ordered the defenders who were there to stand down and denied military assistance to save lives.

This President who took 3 days...THREE finally give in to the others surrounding him and ordered the take down of bin Laden. That order should have been the easiest thing for him to order, EVER! To just say "Yep!" between sips of coffee.

But I digress....

I fear for the future for my sons and grandchildren. Not just economically, but socially and politically, should Obama get a second term.

Thus for right now, personally, I fear for my safety when Romney wins.

Regardless...Romney must win!

Otherwise by Saturday...this nation is lost. Even when Obama loses, just wait till you see the Executive Orders tsunami headed our way.

Come January, Romney can rescind all that.

Let's hope!

Ok..God bless. Now go do the right thing.

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