Sunday, November 11, 2012

Well...It's Either Pneumonia Or....

INSTANT SIDETRACK: It would be helpful to read my post just below before reading this one.

 ....or something........else.

That's what I came away with from my most recent E.R. visit, and is based on the above photo's noticeable "Black Spot". I think it's my left lung.

My breathing became impossible this evening so I relented and went to get examined. The Breathing Treatment I received helped a LOT! But there is more going on.

I was prescribed Cipro which, if this is bacterial, will help AND put me in good stead should an anthrax attack occur! I will with all diligence take said medication, as well as, the inhaler that was also prescribed. There is a 3rd medication recommended  but I don't recall what at this moment,

In 4-6 weeks the doctor wants me to be re-X-Ra yd (Blame spellcheck for that one) to see if it's something....... else.

You faithful readers may recall an element of my standard prayer....

I ask God to please either lead me to my purpose or please bring me home by whatever method He chooses.

We'll see how this plays out. At least my (likely former) boss will see I wasn't kidding or being lazy. Here are the other 2 pictures. The "blob" I believe is my heart. Proof positive, I actually have one!

SIDETRACK: Just when you think....
I just heard on the radio a fundraiser for a little boy who was.... Pediatric Alzheimers. May God bless him and his family.

Until next time.....


  1. There is a natural grocers at Coit and Campbell in Richardson, that has a wealth of knowledge. I get a lung remedy there.

    1. Jesus is the Lord of my life, not numerology...but all things were created by the Almighty. Did anybody notice the numbers of this post?