Saturday, November 10, 2012


EDITED TO ADD: In the face of adversity, I get this REALLY nice...but somewhat from a James Waters in Bowmont, North Dakota. I won't repost the whole missive, but will publish portions in a day or two. REALLY nice things he said to me...

And LOTS of it!

I've been coughing for some 3 months now, and it is increasing in intensity! It started when I had that episode with weaponized Radiator Steam for a number of miles on the New Jersey Parkway this past spring,

Now you, my followers, know my current job situation. I was in a make it or break it situation. I had until close of business yesterday to get 2 more sales.

I simply could not get it done. Not that I think I was incapable, but I couldn't move.

Yesterday started like this.....

I was back in the Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders for some 5 nights. Due to the living part of the van being in complete disarray, I had to sleep in the front seat, fetal style behind a Jack In The Box restaurant. Upside was I had GREAT internet speeds from their WiFi!

Anyhow, sleeping in the fashion I was did not do my body any favors. Combine that with the hard, and I mean REALLY hard coughing....

You get the picture.

So I am awake and sipping day old coffee when a very nice woman and her husband pull up next to me and engage in conversation. She asked if I was going to be there for a while, and I said yes. I was lamenting the God Awful results of the election and worrying about the future. (Hanging around behind a Jack In The Box, a company that long ago forsake The JackSteak,  seemed like the proper place for said lamentations.)

In short order she returned, handed me a very interesting and inspirational book that held a nice amount of cash! We talked some more, but her grandchild in the back of the truck protested and she needed to head out.

(WOW....having a dose of Deja Vu typing that! Not the incident, but me typing about it..and not in a good or even neutral way. Hmmm....)

I immediately deposit a chunk in my bank account, so I could go about booking a room somewhere on Priceline. And also recharge a Walmart Gift card to get gas. (Walmart offers $.10 off per gallon if you use a gift card to purchase) And go about getting online to book a room.

While parked, I am approached by another very nice woman who saw me in my prior spot and came up to talk. She handed me a bag with a gift card and some cash, as well as, some energy beverages and other items. We talked at length, she wished me well, I thanked her, and went about beginning my day and getting to work.

Then it began...slowly... as something just irritating.

Then BOOM hit hard!

Agony in my rib cage on the right side. It was debilitating and chronic. I could hardly move. I tried walking it off, as it felt akin to a "stitch" one might get when running. I took some aspirin hoping to quell it somewhat, but to no avail.

It was relentless!

I went to the motel I booked and checked in..hoping laying down for a bit and a nice, long, hot shower would help.

Didn't work.

Needless to say, going to work was out of the question. And I may very well have lost my gig.

I will be out and about promoting the fine points of FiOS today, hoping I can get some sales on the board so I have a paycheck this Friday. But as far as I know, my employ will end  come Monday morning. In the realm of hope springing eternal, I am keeping the FiOS banner on this page.

So it's back to the drawing board for your humble narrator.

I ask only for good thoughts and prayers. Given the results of this Tuesday past, I am more apprehensive of my current situation that I'd be if Romney had run a better campaign. I fear for our future as a nation.

Anyhow...hopefully my next buncha postings will be of lighter notes. You all be well and thanks for reading.

Until next time....

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