Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Really Wanted To Write One Of My More....

...optimistic and whimsical posts at this point, but tis not to be. Things have taken a turn.'s official...lost the FiOS gig. Hard to do door to door when breathing is an issue. It is what it is and I'll deal with it. Went on an interview yesterday for a driving position...we'll see how that works. Looking at other opportunities as well. Wish me luck. 

In the meantime, I still have COPD,  with a side of pneumonia, and trying to hang on to the motel room for another couple of nights. Anyone who may want to help please reach out. Trying to get some cash for my other meds that were prescribed. 

It was suggested to me that I consider applying for disability, but not interested in doing that right now. To me, it's tossing in the towel. Am I somewhat limited physically at this point...yes. The pneumonia is, hopefully, temporary and I will get some lung capacity back. The COPD, not so much....but is workable.

For right now, seeking out some resources to keep he motel at least until the Cipro cycle is done. And I continue to seek employ and be back as a functioning member of society, not a number leeching off the public dole. 

As for is the best you can get!!!! I am leaving the ad up for now because I can forward any leads to my former boss. He did a LOT for me these last couple of months and I'd like to repay that. And maybe he'll spiff me a little on what sales he gets from my referrals. At this point I can go coast to coast with that.

SIDETRACK: Glenn Beck Fans: Want DISH Network for The Blaze T.V.? I can do that for you now, too!

I refuse to give up or give in. But this just got real for me. When I was at Camp Scooter SouthEast: Afscootistan I had my generator and a friendly environ in which to live and stay warm. Here....not so much. Not that I have dealt with hostility, but I can't just pull the generator out to run my electric heater to stay warm at any old place. The Conversion Van Of Wonders' heating/air conditioning systems don't work, so that alternative is a non starter. And who said that Texas was allowed to be cold???? Not moi!

Anyhow...keep me in your thoughts if you would and your prayers.

Until next time......



  1. Warm wishes heading your way!!!!
    Kinda worried about you out in Dallas. Re think this move out.

    Maybe you should just head back to Jersey and start over where you have many friends to give you a helping hand.
    You can't take a chance of being sick and low on money and housing so far from home.

  2. I have been following your Blog for Some time now and I admire your resolve in the face of adversity. I do, however, wish you'd quit Smoking. It would save you money, and also Keep your health in check.

    Be well and know you are in My prayers.

    God Bless

    James Walters North Dakota