Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Season Is Coming Upon Us....

...when happiness abounds and parking lot space wars are in full earnest!

For your humble narrator, I am happy I'll be in a motel room for the holiday, as opposed to the alternative. Much to my chagrin, it does get cold here in Texas!

EXTENDED SIDETRACK: Here's a couple of things I have come to learn about Texans.

They are most certainly a VERY proud lot! I see signs...emblems...icons ...adoring vehicles and homes exclaiming their citizenship, grateful and honored to do so!

Manners count here in Texas! Instead of saying "no problem" to my "Thank you"..I hear the old school "you're welcome"! Ain't that refreshing! Their churches are the sizes of small towns, and every one holds open the door for everyone else! Even the Gang Bangers I have happened upon will address me as Sir.

Very cordial and polite. I am impressed.

Then they get behind the wheel.

It all changes!

I have never, ever seen such aggressive driving in my life. It seems turning the key and stepping on the gas creates a reflex action that makes one intolerant of anyone else on the road.

Oh...and then there are the "I dare you" and "I am doing this just to piss you off" types.

Of the later variety, I have encountered a few, but one in particular driver-ette a number of times. Here's how it works....

Where I am in Texas, nearly every highway has service roads that run along side of them. Every so often there is an opportunity to turn off...either right or left...or make a U-Turn. There are oft times a designated, particular lane just for turning round around. Here's how that works...

You come to an intersection, usually next to an overpass,  that has up to 4.1 lanes. One for turning right only. Two for going straight. One for left turn only....and a sub lane for a U-turn. that?

So, there's this time I am in the "going through" lane with the left and U-Turn lane next to me. Oddly, both of those are empty..and I look back.

There is this "older" woman staying JUST far back enough so that anyone who would want to use the U-Turn lane can't get to it. I look at her via my side view mirror, and she is looking at her's...seeing who she is pissing off. I figure she is just having a bad day....or one of those "Change-0-Life" flare ups.

Fair enough....

However, after repeated sightings of her and her way of doing of things, I have come to discover this is her M.O. for getting back at the world. Not a safety thing or a Texas's a "she devil" thing unique to her.

Amusing..but I digress....

I don't have tons I am grateful for. But for that which I am, they are significant.

I am grateful for:

God for poking His finger in my back when I want to just lay down, stop trying, and sleep forever.

That the 3 people I love and care for the most are overall safe and healthy after Sandy redecorated and customized the state of New Jersey.

The week I got to work at "Restoring Love" and the people I met there. The single best week of my life in the last 10 years.

The state of "Texas" and the vibe I get here...even if I am a Novice Texan.

Those who wish me well and have supported me these last few years. I'd most likely be dead if not for your help.

For those who are my detractors because, frankly, they make me stay honest with myself and face my bullshit.

The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders. She has loved me when no else (besides my sons) would. She's been transport, shelter, love shack, media center, and WiFi connection to the world.

Fringe...the TV show on Fox. Even though the plot right now is giving me headaches...I LOVE this show. Gonna miss it when it's over in just a few episodes.

Milwaukee's Best! Official Adult Beverage of Afscootistan. It makes the world go away on occasion.

I could go on, but I am at the point where I am digging for stuff to say I am grateful for.

This is a decent list.

You all be well, have a safe and GREAT Thanksgiving, with and for, you and yours.
(Was that even a real sentence?)

Please keep me in your thoughts and if you do pray for me...pray that what God feels would be best for me and not anything specific.

Oh..for Christmas...I want Santa to bring me a DeLorean equipped with a working Flux Capacitor so I can go back to November 6th and change a couple of things. Where's Doc Brown when you need him most?

Until next time....

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  1. Hi. I will call myself JB. I am a friend of a relative. She introduced me to your blog around Restore Love. Followed it shortly as there are a lot of thunderstorms in my life at this time, as well. For those of you that are not familiar w/Texas thunderstorms...there is nothing kind & gentle about them.
    Just wanted to share my concern re: your healh. It is my opinion, that you need further medical attention. I had this virus last year, it turned to pee-yewmonia & my lungs haven't been the same since! Another friend ended up w/congestive heart failure.
    There have been enough of us that have paid our fair share & more of our taxes that you should not feel uncomfortable seeking the medical help you need. I pray for God to bless you with healing & more. I believe He can work miracles, but sometimes He accompanies His blessings with lessons in humility. His eye is on the sparrow & His eye is on you. I pray I have not offended. I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you soon. God bless & keep you!