Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well, Here's Something That Doesn't Happen Every Day!

So I am sitting in this parking lot, eating lunch and minding my own business, when I see these gypsies to pull the "Quick Body Work" scam on some kid with a pretty well dented fender. The main guy's back is to me, and I am trying to get the kids attention to not fall for this.

Ultimately, the main guy gives up and heads back to the Dodge Mini Van his buddies are in, and the kid comes over to talk with me.

SIDETRACK: The thing the intended victim kept saying was he didn't have the money. The Gypsy guy asks if he has a credit card, of all things!! Who knew the campfire dwellers are now in the Cyber Age. They are probably using THIS.

Anyhow....moments later, said minivan is circling The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders, and it's occupants making weird noises and some kinda chant, while gesturing with their arms. Ultimately, they left after loudly proclaiming some not so kind feelings toward your humble narrator.

If only gypsies looked like this.....

...put curses on me as the day is long!

Ahhh....Disney's "Esmeralda"!

I guess I have to now find a chicken to kill or something.

Until next time...

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