Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Good, The Bad, And The Meatloaf

A while ago I started a posting I was to call "One Of Those Days...", but wanted some distance from THAT day for perspective.

Well...many of "those" days have come and gone, and I just keep pushing it off.

Today is a major suck!

Bob The Van Eating Dog vomited some non-van material in the front.
My check has been all but vanquished by debts and bills. Keeps me stuck in more ways than one.
Both the auto insurance and registration are due soon.
The police presence has become an issue. Not a hassle, per se. But an issue on my mind. get an idea.

This past Saturday I pulled into a 24 gas station/food mart to use the facilities and look around, keeping warm. When I went back to The Conversion Van Of Wonders, there was a car full for young men being young men on a Saturday night. One was outside the vehicle, leaning on the door, when he pointed to the van and asked me about it.

Now, on a Saturday night, one generally expects a car full of young men to be rather, "lively"! I mean, I would have been at that age.

But this guy was asking me real questions. Thoughtful, pointed questions. I answered them as honestly as I could and after a while wished them a good evening, having been pleasantly surprised by the whole episode.

Next thing I know, he beckons me to the car and hands me some cash he and his friends put together to give me. Frankly came at a perfect time as the weather was getting really cold again and I need some gasoline or I could have froze to death.

Ok...maybe not to death, but certainly to shivering briskly.

Earlier I had some nice folks offer the same support at a different gas station when they could see I was stuck there, due to lack of petrol.

It was a welcome happening. I am surprised, thus far, that I have not run into those who would rather taunt or simply be rude. Maybe once I am really on my way out to where ever, that may happen. But thus far, not a single time.

One afternoon I was dozing in the van outside of my regular convenience store, when I was awoken by the knock of a man and his 2 sons on my window. Seems this man and his family had been touched by the story in the newspaper and wanted to know what I needed and offered assistance in trying to resurrect the laptop.

On top of that, an invitation to dinner!

I was unable to dine with them that evening, but we set a date for the following Sunday and the main course would be......


I LOVE meat loaf! A king amongst foods! Has to be nearly a year since I have had that delicacy, and the lady of the house made it to perfection!

It was beefy!
It was solid and pressed very nicely and firm!
And the flavor was wonderful!

Along with the corn and peas and from scratch mashed potatoes, it was terrific! Warming not just the belly but my heart. For these folks who knew me only from the news story to welcome me into their home for food, PC expertise, and company was a welcome respite for how things had, and have, been going.

She also sent me off with a nice amount of leftover's which I will be enjoying this very evening.

Top that off with random people just coming up to me with good wishes and offerings of support, it takes the edge off the more stressful and frustrating things I deal with.

So in closing, today sucked a lot! As did yesterday.

But these moments help make it a bit better.

Yesterday I sat in the SAME SPOT for over 13 hours due to lack of gasoline. What made it worse is that something in that building causes a horrible buzzing on A.M., so I couldn't even listen to my radio faves while stranded there.

I did, however, discover something about a fav American advertising icon and his never before known sibling. That's for a later posting.

Sidenote: I am noticing more and more hits from people's iPhones, Blackberry's, etc. I am guessing from having the website addy painted on the windows of The Conversion Van Of Wonders. If you have found me via that and see me on the road or in a lot somewhere, feel free to say hello. Bob likes the company!

Until Next Time...


  1. Hey man, I'm one of the guys that you met the other night at the gas station. After our encounter the other night, my friends and I have become extremely inspired by your cause. I would just like to let you know that myself and another one of my friends that was with me that night work at Pizza Express in Netcong at night. If you are ever looking for some great italian food our pizza please feel free to come see me (Brian) or Chris at night and we'll hook you up.... Brian

  2. Hey Scooter, my name is Chris and my friends and I were at the gas station the other night. We were all glad to help. I wish we could have given more but it was the end of the night and as you may know, most of our money was behind the bar. My friend, Brian, is posting a comment as we speak. As you know if you are hungry for some italian, we'll help you out. If I am working at the time and you are low on gas and can't drive over, we deliver. So if you can get near a phone give us a call and ask for one of us. We'll be there every night because our shifts are alternating. If we don't hear from you at work0n I'd love to help further your cause. Hope to talk to you soon. God bless.

  3. Read your story in the chronicle, was sorry we never got to work something out of our own. Still think it would have made a good story.



  4. Hi Scooter, I'm so glad you came for dinner were you can sit, relax and talk for a while. My boys were so happy to help you and they ask about you all the time. Let us know how things are going and I hope Bob feels better soon. Take care.

  5. What a great turn of fortune. I'm glad the guys from the other night are posting on here and offering some fine Italian food.

    You might read the book "A Walk Across America" by Peter Jenkins. It will inspire you, without a doubt.

  6. Hey Scoots...It's inspiring to hear about real people who can make a difference in someone's day/life. It's a shame how rare it is now a days! Take care of yourself...and get Bob a chew toy!!