Friday, March 12, 2010

Follow Up: Newspaper Story Regards Your Humble Narrator

NOTE: The newspaper linked to here, The Mt. Olive Chronicle, is a weekly paper, thus the end result of me versus PNC Bank is not noted. I spoke with the author/editor Phil Garber this morning and updated him on the resolution. It will be updated in next week's edition.

So here for your viewing pleasure is said article.

Couple of personal notes:

The reason I went to the extremes I did regards the bank is, I was told by PNC Corporate that I was at the end of the road, stonewalled as it were, regards further refunds of penalties drawn. Had I been aware of an alternate route, I'd have been eating much sooner and saved money on glass paint!

I feel the penalties hit not just those in my situation hard, but anyone homeless or not, living hand to mouth...a paycheck away from desperation. The current economy has plenty of folks in that pinch!

I still need a new laptop.

My beard is not fully grey! It has a center of strawberry blonde in the middle, framed and balanced quite nice by grey. So, there!

Anyhow, thank you Phil Garber for highlighting my situation and for all the work you have done at The Chronicle these many years.

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