Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Favorite Candy Time Of Year: Easter AND Passover

I LOVE marshmallow and jelly candies. Both Passover and Easter bring forth a veritable cornucopia of sugary delights! The nice thing about jellies this time of year is, you don't have to deal with the "Chuckles" dilemma! You know if you are a fan of the candy....what to do with the black one. Fortunately, up until my mother was hit with Type II Diabetes, she liked the flavor, thus I avoided the guilt of being wasteful pitching that one away.

With choco covered jellies and jelly fruit slices, that isn't an issue. I love'em all! Especially that hard white stuff the makes up part of the "rind" of said slices. Back in the 60's/70's this company called JoyVah used to make this absolutely heavenly candy called "Jell Joys". It was rectangular and had orange jell on top, red jell on the bottom, and that hard white stuff separating the 2. There used to be a corner store on the corner of Broadway and something, same street as The Ed Sullivan Theater, where I would get those all the time. I was in the habit of buying 7 or 8 at a time, 'cause I lived in New Jersey and knew the importance of stocking up.

SIDETRACK: When I was a kid, I was working in commercials and such. Thus would travel to N.Y.C. on a regular basis. The parking lot mom preferred was in the same block as the aforementioned theater. Actually, Studio 51 which is a part of that same parking structure, was an old CBS studio where they would tape games shows. SO parking, acting, and Jell Joys went hand in hand in hand.

I tried reaching out to JoyVah to see if they made Jell Joys anymore, but never got a response. I would LOVE to get those again.

And marshmallows...delicious air filled lumps of sugar and gelatin. During Passover you get the best ones. Firm and tasty, like the old "Campfire" brand that came in boxes used to be. I guess another word for "Kosher" would be Marsh-O-Licious!

Enter WalMart, my fav store in the world. So far in the last 4 days I have eaten over 4 dozen choc covered marshmallow eggs! At $.98 per dozen they are cheaper than real eggs and have that chocolaty, marshmallowy goodness to boot! When I was a kid, candy makers would used all kinds of forms and food items to make into sugar coated marshmallow treats. I can remember marshmallow Hot Dogs, Turkeys, Circus Peanuts, Animals, and so much more. Some of those are still made today and CVS carries the hard candy coated and multi-colored Easter Eggs that are absolute fillings and caps magnets. But well worth the pain!

So as I make my way through another holiday I will avoid, I can not separate myself from the objects of my obsessions. This year the day after said holiday will be my shopping spree of those things Easter/Passover-ish of a jelly and marshmallow nature. Why in the midst of all the stuff going on with moi and the world, am I musing about said delights?

I need a break! Plus, blogging from the public library surrounded by, ummm,"interesting" types is a tad inhibiting regards topic selections. Once I am on my own, internet/laptop wise, I'll have some observations on the experience here.


Not only does this bill invade our liberties in everything from health care to education funding, but under the behavior modifying aspects of it, my fave candies may disappear! I am hoping to maybe getting to D.C. this weekend for a "Storm The Bastile" type of protest. If I go, I promise lots-O-pictures.


  1. Have fun storming the castle! (Seriously tho, having lived in DC I say in all earnest: Don't even joke about it!)

  2. Was merely imagining. From what I am hearing, seems MANY folks will be in D.C. this week as the HCR vote draws near for sunday.

    I hope I can get there.

  3. whats the HCR vote?

  4. HCR=HealthCare Reform, which narrowly passed the House Of Representitives yesterday. An abomination and encompassing MUCH more than health related issues. I encourage you Google it as well as visit the websites of:
    Glenn Beck
    Rush Limbaugh
    Sean Hannity
    Mark Levin

  5. Hot little bunnies! Sweet!

  6. Maybe now that Obama has gotten over with his obsession with HCR, he can focus on building up our economy.