Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PNC Bank..I have had it!!!! " The Homeless Advisor Meets Ghandi"


Been a helluva day! I am 53 hours into the hunger strike. I had a LOT of coffee and maybe a dozen saltines to take the edge off. However, about 5 A.M. this morning I ran out of gas and was stuck outside a convenience store that had an electrical problem, keeping me from at least listenning to the radio. Suffice to say, the day sucked.

When I checked my balance yesterday it was +$8.00. This morning -$155.00 and I have yet to see what happened. I prefer not to access my banking info on a public P.C. I will detail what's what tomorroow. How I got gas is kinda interesting. As I said, I was outside this store since around 6 A.M. And throughout the day, the owner of the house kitty corner kept checking up on me. The final time being after dark and pulling his car RIGHT in front of me, headlights in my eyes, then looping back to his house.

So I am hanging inside the store when he comes in asking if the clerk knew who.."..owned that strange van that has been here all night and day..". I raise my hand. I explain my situation, and how until Aug. I had lived in the 'hood for 27 some odd years. He said he had people who had threatened to kill him and thus, has a "unique" interest who hangs around. I explain I am out of gas and cash, and he says he has old gas removed from lawn mowers over the years. He said he didn't know if it would work in the Conversion Van Of Wonders. I said, let's give it shot.

After a clumsily performed emptying of the gas into the van, and a few false starts, voila! I'll have heat this evening. BUT...the same amount of gas as last night, so I have to figure something out.

But I digress....

Tomorrow I will resume my hunger strike and this truly be outside my home branch of P.N.C. Hopefully have more details for you all.

To those who have contributed, THANK YOU!!!! It's in my PayPal and will stay there for the time being. All P.N.C. would do is apply to penalties, and I would rather it not go in that direction.

So, keep warm thoughts for me and see you all on the morrow.

Until next time...

Updates Below Main Text And Video:

As of today, I am literally penniless. I have less than 1/8 tank of gas. And still in the throes of winter.

Despite having made a deposit before some charges reconciled, PNC has hit me with nearly a dozen overdraft fees of $36.00 a piece! Understand, I am a fan of the capitalist system we have here. Quite conservative to the core. That being stated, I expect fairness to be a principle in all of that. I just did many years of battle with my former mortgage company for the same reasons.

PNC will charge $36.00 even if the overage is $3.00. Any deposit made after 3 P.M. is credited on the next business day, but a charge coming in up to midnight that evening will be posted and charged that same day. PNC has a policy that if you can get to a branch before close of business, or an ATM with a cash deposit by 10 P.M., you will avoid charges, Thing is, they will hold and then post charges AFTER 10 P.M. thus they hit you with a fee. I have tried the ATM option and found the money was credited 2 days from the date deposited, thus....a fee.

It's happened to me for the last time!

I will be parked outside the PNC branch at The Village Green, Rt. 46 West, in Budd Lake, New Jersey on a hunger and heating strike. Won't eat,will only drink water and coffee and won't run the car. I am 54 years old with a heart attack under my belt, have not eaten since 1 P.M. Monday, March 1st and just endured a night of sub 30 degree temps. The only thing that may prevent me from being there is running out of gas between the library and PNC. I want my money and for PNC to get fair about things!

Bob The Van Eating Dog will not be participating in the hunger end of things. He has food and plenty of van left to munch on.

PNC received T.A.R.P. (Troubled Assetts Recovery Program) funds even thought they did not need them. Said funds went into purchasing another bank. PNC has cut back significantly the hours of operation at their 800 line. PNC is charging fees for nearly any transaction one of the telephone support people perform for you.

Let me clearly state my issue is NOT with the rank and file proletariot at PNC. For the most part, the staff have been very pleasant, personable, and did their best to help me. Any issues I have had, have been with upper management. One even "scolded" me for being addressless and was very condescending. The issue remians PNC's unbalanced way of doing thingts. Even Bank Of America who is notorious for beating up on customers is fairer areas in these regards than PNC.

So, if in the area stop by and kindly pass this posting along to anyone you can think of. Hopefully will be posting more video soon. Who knows if this will make a difference or not. We'll see. I just had to do something.

UPDATE 1: The bank had a rep call me and we went over a few things. He has reimbursed a few of the charges, with more hopefully to follow. It still isn't addressing the fundamental unfairness of the clock PNC uses. So...still on the campaign.

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