Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Overall Goodness Of People

Seems a number of folks have taken the time to read the article about Bob The Van Eating Dog and myself versus PNC Bank and life in The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

I have been approached with offers of everything from laptop repair to dinners to cash and even Bob got a present today! And it seems MANY have done or are doing battle with the holders of their mortgages. Common culprit, Bank Of America, but that's no surprise.

Warms my heart and restores my faith. In spite of challenges of their own in this tough economy, they reach out and offer a hand.

God Bless everyone of them.

Until next time...


  1. Saw your post in the rvs section of craigslist today so i sat down and read your blog. You have an amazing story and a great way of looking at the world in your situation. You got me hooked keep writing and ill keep reading, maybe even see you around and say hi.

  2. These times are just so hard on everyone, it can break a person's mind and spirit, but you've given some people hope Scooter, thank you.

  3. These times can be rough on everyone, they can break a person's mind and spirit, but you've given people hope, thank you Scooter.

  4. Thank you both for your kind comments. As long as I think I can keep it interesting, I'll keep spinning on here.

    Now if only I could find either the winning Powerball/MegaMillions number and/or the PERFECT R.V., I'd have it made!