Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hunger Strike Day 2: And PNC Rips Me Off Even More!

Yesterday I had water, coffee, and a few Doritos. Thus it begins...

I looked at my PNC Bank account this morning and saw that they charged me $21.00 for the overage THEY created!!! To refresh your memory:

QUOTE: Yesterday's Post

Using PNC's "clock"...which exists only on Planet PNC...they attributed the $25.00 to the next day, thus incurring another $36.00 "Fee"! Meaning...

$33.00 Cash Instantly Available
$25.00 Withdrawal (Pay Attention To This One Now)
$8.00 Balance
$15.00 Shell Oil Charge
- $7.00 Overage
-$32.00 Total Overage

Two $36.00 "FEES" for the same $25.00! Add to that the $7.00 Per Day "Fee" they are adding everyday since last week FOR OVERAGES THEY CREDITED BACK adds up to pennies short of being $100.00!!!


So they count back 3 days at $7.00 per day using the clock on Planet PNC to charge me for this overage. Add to that the overage charge for MONEY THAT WAS DEPOSITED BUT NOT CREDITED THEN REIMBURSED the total to date is : $121.00. That's more than 10% of the money going in after midnight, tonight.

Tomorrow, The Conversion Van Of Wonders will have it's windows decorated with the following message:

"My "HUNGER STRIKE" Against PNC Bank's Fees And Practices"

This will be on both sides as well as the rear windows with the link to this site. Look for me as I will be parked outside of different bank branches over the course of time. Stop by and see Bob The Van Eating Dog and myself to say hello.

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