Monday, March 8, 2010

Ok...Maybe Not So Dilligent!

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UPDATE: Hunger Strike Reboot!

I had to reconfigure how I am doing this. I ate yesterday, Sunday, simply because I wasn't feeling well since Saturday. I resume again this morning, with a vengeance! I will be adding broth and more water. I think I overdid the coffee.

Seems the fellow I worked with at PNC did not handle things as thoroughly as I had thought. Thing is, the $7.00 Per Day Interest...err..."Fee" begins AFTER 4 days of being overdrawn. Well, even though he made the overdrafts moot the clock was ticking on the "Fees". That's why I am seeing the $7.00 per day now.

But it gets better!

After he said he refunded all of the $36.00 "Fees", I was told that $33.00 and change were made available immediately. I went to the ATM and found that to be true. I took out $25.00 cash, leaving a balance of $8.00. Subsequent to that, a charge appeared from Shell Oil that I thought had already come through. Although I still think the $36.00 "Fee" charged against an $7.00 overage is near Loansharkville, I said fair enough, my error.

This is where you have to pay attention,

Using PNC's "clock"...which exists only on Planet PNC...they attributed the $25.00 to the next day, thus incurring another $36.00 "Fee"! Meaning...

$33.00 Cash Instantly Available
$25.00 Withdrawal (Pay Attention To This One Now)
$8.00 Balance
$15.00 Shell Oil Charge
- $7.00 Overage
-$32.00 Total Overage

Two $36.00 "FEES" for the same $25.00! Add to that the $7.00 Per Day "Fee" they are adding everyday since last week FOR OVERAGES THEY CREDITED BACK adds up to pennies short of being $100.00!!!

Now do you get the "with a vengeance" part?

I need your help! Please pass this blog along using THIS link to everyone you know. Encourage them to read all the posts and to contact those I have listed. The newspaper interview should appear this coming Thursday and I will post it when it appears online. I also ask you email the Chairman of PNC Bank, James E. Rohr at and send him the link as well.

This is more than just me. These outrageous fees affect so many others, and during this tough economic time, it's simply not fair. Some ask, what am I seeking with all of this. I can tell you what I am NOT seeking.

I am in NO WAY interested in seeing some regulations put in place by the State or Federal Govt. There is way too much govt. involvement in things as it is.

I don't want anyone to think I encourage withdrawing your business from PNC, either. That's not the point.

I don't want to see PNC create "classes" of customer. What structure of fees and services they create should apply to the richest and neediest of their base.

I want PNC in and of itself, to develope a heart and a conscience. To develope systems and rules that are fair to both the bank and the customer. And to set up a reasonable series of fees, not the over the top, egregious ones in place now.

Right now, I am trying to keep warm and have gas in the Conversion Van Of Wonders. I will fast until I see this is either futile or resolved. And not just resolved to my benefit, but to foster concern and compassion by PNC to those amongst it's clientele dealing with some tough times right now.

I had hoped to have an open letter to Chairman Rohr posted today..and that may still happen. But I would prefer to create when I would have a more measured attitude when creating said missive. Right now, I am fuming. This "Double Dip Fee" is irking my liver to a great degree.

Catch you all later...

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