Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Finding A Lot Of Comfort In This....

..and I am not sure why.

The  clip has a nice synopsis about Eva Cassidy. A life...a voice...taken way too soon. I was introduced to Eva's music years ago on a visit to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Her music playing on outdoor speakers at a number of different shops up and down main street. If you decide to dig deeper, what you'll find is the anti-star. A girl who took a song and made it her own..but didn't seek fame nor crowds...just the appreciative ear.

Quite simple and perfect.

There was a show on the BBC called "Duet Impossible" where a current musical star could perform, virtually, with a musical legend of the past. Very neat concept....well executed. That's where I found this clip.

It haunts me....it floors me....my face gets all wet watching and listening to the voice that was.....is....


And when getting the embed code for this.....I also found.....

Merry Christmas, all.

Until next time...

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