Friday, December 28, 2012

I really Don't Like Doing This....

I would prefer to be working. There is something to having a schedule....a purpose....a responsibility. That's all just out of reach for me currently.

Here is what I would wish for. A week where I am staying and my car insurance covered. To be able to get the last of my meds and stay away from the E.R. for a while.

I miss being able to just write about stuff. My latest experiences and accomplishments. To show some forward movement or just rant about things.

In the past I have been given HUGE gifts and blessings. It propped me up and I was working....making my own way, then BOOM....significant setback.

I get accused via email of running a scam here. Or that I don't want to work and just leech off of kind hearted souls. When I was working, as well as performing my task at Restoring Love, I felt energized and vital. I had responsibilities and purpose. Anyone who saw me at work during Restoring Love knows I hustled non-stop. When I wasn't shooting pictures, I would find something else to step in and help with.

I am NOT lazy!!! I am not looking to living off of others. I have sent applications and submitted resumes for gigs ranging from video production to driving gigs to a shoe shine position at DFW Airport. Work is work.

Anyhow...this is what I wish for. We'll see how things pan out heading into the new year.

Until next time.....

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