Monday, December 17, 2012


UPDATE 12/27/12: Dodged a bullet this morning. Some expected cash got stalled with that whole D.H.S. A.C.H. thing and the motel was going to padlock the room. I had showed them the printout of expected funds, and the memo didn't get to the early day crew. They also dropped the price for me by $1.50. Hey, anything helps. Anyhow....tomorrow I am praying the funds clear and I can cover stuff.

I can't wait until I get something going, work wise. This day to day scraping by, pathetically pleading for help is killing me. It's no way to live.

UPDATE 12/25/12: Merry Christmas everyone! Unless some appears I am down to one last night here, and then out tomorrow. Weather has been miserable...constant rain and low temps. Tomorrow, just cold. I had to skip a medical appointment yesterday due to van issues. Nothing much else to add.  Bleh... 

   ADDENDUM 3:44 P.M. C.S.T.: WRONG! I am $3.00 short......bleh
   ADDENDUM 11:18 P.M. C.S.T. I Want To Thank Francis T. For Her Help! Gets 
   Me Part Of The Way There In A HUGE Way!!!!! God Bless And Thank You! 

UPDATE: 12/23/12: I have been able to get JUST the right amount, day to day, to keep the room. A guy here gave me $40.00 because I created and posted a Craig's List ad that sold his that helped as well! Hoping to raise enough for the weekly rate which saves about $70.00 per week.

UPDATE 12/20/12: I was able to scrape $37.00 together for a night and hoping I can do something today. The temps are hitting in the 20's tonight. If anyone is inclined, I am at The Mid Cities Inn  Euless, Texas. (817) 283-4601  //  If you do call here and help, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! ( It's $37.00 per night, $180.00 for a full week, which would carry me past Christmas and my first C.O.P.D. guy appointment.

From Twitter 12/19/12:

Hold on to your hats Wednesday night. A cold front will blast through with wind gusts between 40 and 50 mph. 

I really hope to hold on to the room I have. The van has no heat at all.

Blatant plea for support. As of 11 A.M. tomorrow, Dec. 18th I have to leave the room I am currently in. My auto insurance is kaput as well. If it was one or the other, that would be workable. But since I would be back living in the van, the two are a double whammy. I would hope to try to stay in the room at least through Christmas, New Years even better. If not, then I'd wish to get my van's insurance reinstated so I can at least get around and find places to park overnight.

Once I get the van squared away, I'd appreciate ANY day work opportunities I could do in the Ft. Worth/Euless/Bedford/Hurst area. See any work available...please let me know.

If you are able to help, please reach out. 



I finally get work after 4's starting to pay off.....and I contract Pneumonia from my boss.

Downhill from there....

I don't know what to think, do, or believe. Those of you who have read my stuff here over these years know I try to keep an upbeat, hopeful perspective. Yes..I've had setbacks and slumps, but kept my eye on the future.

Now I am not so sure....or optimistic.

Tomorrow I lose the motel room. Back in the van. Problem is, the insurance has lapsed on the van and can't really drive it anywhere. In the meantime, there are meds I need, blood work to be done, and pulmonary testing accomplished. All out of reach for me.

Don't get me wrong, I have overall been pretty fortunate and blessed during this time in my life. And for that I will be eternally grateful.

Right now, though, I am not feeling so..... Christmas-ish....nor confident towards what's down the road.

Ok...I'm just whiney now.

Thank heavens Texas is staying warm for the next few days.

Until next time.....


In so much as the insurance is kaput and I cant drive, I went for a kind of extended walk this afternoon to a local corner store. I took my time...did my best to breathe evenly, and didn't get too short of breath. Once at the store, I hung for a few minutes because I had started to feel tightness around my chest and back as well as feeling a bit lightheaded.

It's a start.

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