Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Feels Like A Whole New Day....

There really is something to the Serenity Prayer!

(EDITED TO ADD: 5:00 P.M. CT I am attached to a monitor and auto B.P. device in an E.R. here in Texas. North Richlands Hills to be precise. Go figure.....)

FiOS is working out REALLY well. The areas I am in are brand new and the citizens there are anxious for this service. I can see myself really being out of this homeless stuff in short order. And, as stated before, I can sign up subscribers from ANYWHERE in Texas, so please keep me in mind and pass this blog around to all yer' pals! And speaking of The Lone Star State....

Some observations about Texas:

People are REALLY aggressive drivers! Reminds me of motorists from Massachusetts.

Oh, Texas....enough with the speed bumps, please. Total pain!

The residents are a proud lot! I have never been in a place that ornaments, bumper stickers, yard signs, Texas Stars, etc. that proclaim a great deal of pride in the state which they reside in.

The signs along the many, many highways never give a miles to indicator of destination, i.e. city or town. I the Transportation Department expects you to know that Dallas is X number of miles ahead.

Many here are ready to secede from the union should things go belly up elsewhere.

In the next couple of weeks I expect to be able to finally go exploring. I have been limited to hotel...work...hotel...supermarket...etc. I want to get the lay of the land. And, no, not in a Biblical sense.

For now, I have some homework to do.

Thanks for reading and your continued good wishes and prayers.

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