Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Got the word my training for the new gig begins Thursday. Meaning, I could be working by the weekend. Certainly by Monday.

I can't go into details right now....but will be able to elaborate soon.

I am determined to make it here in Texas. I mean, it's a big ass state and something has to click. I still like how I am feeling things and remain optimistic

Here's hoping!

I know my postings here have been less than the usual jovial, irreverent, and insightful as before. I am pretty challenged here. Being homeless....at least the way I was doing it at Camp Scooter:SouthEast, Afscootistan was pretty easy compared to rebuilding myself. I did a MAJOR re-boot in the mid 1990's...but I was still in my house and the economy was much better. It was familiar ground.

I find I look over my shoulder online. I read the papers back there, and stream the talk shows I listen to via the stations in the N.J. market. Even though I seek greener pastures, I have people I care deeply about that I left behind. I want to know what's going on in their world. I am not looking back...simply viewing the rear view internet mirror.

Today I dragged nearly everything out of The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders into my room here to sort, toss, and organize. I need to get my clothes together, as well as, use some of the canned goods I had in there. I want the bed back in shape as well. I did throw out my pillows..so have to replace them as some point. And, if for some reason, I have stay a few overnights in the future..it will be ready.

And then...

It's 911! I remember it so vividly.

I was in my bedroom...online... the TV to my right with "Fox And Friends" on Fox News playing. Steve Doocey announced that a plane had crashed in to The Twin Towers. He was wondering how an accident like that could happen when the second plane hit the other tower.

He said: "OK...these are no accidents"

Oddly, I was calm. I got my phone, called the significant acquaintance and said....

"They did it"

I told her to turn on her TV and see.

From those moments on, I was glued to the TV...as, I am sure, were most of you.

I remember stepping out on to my deck after the buildings began to crumble. The air was....


My neighborhood was one brimming with birds and other wild life.

There wasn't a sound. BEAUTIFUL day...


I got out my camcorder to document this as it was so stunning. I mean absolute silence. The air felt heavy and oppressive.

I've only ever spoken to one of those left behind by the attacks. The significant acquaintance had a client who lost her husband in the assault. This woman developed a stutter that made it a challenge to hear her out.

She certainly deserved my efforts.

As she spoke...all I could think of was...

The ones who never got to say goodbye.

A day or so after 911 I thought of my loss. When the mother of my sons passed away from cancer January 5th, 1990. We knew it was coming, thus very little left unspoken between the two of us.

The finality of it all sunk in hours before her funeral service. There were some items she asked to be buried with that I had left back at the house.

I panicked!

I couldn't leave where I was. Fortunately my niece Jenn was able to get said items and bring them with her.

I had no chance of a "Do Over" once she was in the ground.

SIDETRACK: My late wife was Jewish and burial is pretty much toot suite. I didn't have days to get things in order.

That moment of sheer, internal terror, came back to me as I thought of those...

Who left the house angry.
Who didn't say "I Love You" one last time.
Who didn't kiss their kids before heading out.

No "Do Over"

I am blessed to be here to have mine.

Today, the American Embassies in Libya and Egypt were attacked by mobs upset over some video about Islam. Our nations response was...

"We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others"

Really? That's it?

This President we are stuck with, and his underlings, are such AssHats!

Those attacking the Embassy are of the same fabric as those who fly planes into buildings, rape and beat American T.V. Network females reporters, or behead Jewish Print Journalists.

Plus, the First Amendment guarantees speech that will offend.  Like, let's say, burning the American flag. Or calling Christianity a "Hate" faith. So, why compromise "Free Speech" with that pathetic and weaselly statement?

But I digress....

Tomorrow is 912. A day that, eleven years ago, we came together akin to how we did after Pearl Harbor, minus the internment camps.

Wow...I never expected to write any of this as I sat down to update stuff. I guess it lingers in me more than I thought.

May God bless those left behind..and those still overseas defending us. And protect the Coptic's and others opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood and similar malcontents.

As for us...here in America? Rally 'round and make sure you VOTE this November!!

And never forget.....

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  1. Great Post...I Think I Saw Your Van In Euless, Tx At A Motel...I Wish I Could Help You Out As Well But Im Broke And Homeless As Well...Been Sleeping In My Car Since Last Weds...And Just Started My Job Monday....So I Still Have Another Week And A Half Til I Get Paid...I dont know how u do this man but its soo stressful to me not having somewhere to go especially after work...smh...good luck to you and god bless...