Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yeppers...your humble narrator had to visit the E.R. today. Coulda swore it was a heart attack....honest. The symptoms really felt like one....actually starting to feel them again right now.

Blood Work...Nada
Cat Scan....Even the lungs look good, and I smoke a LOT!

SIDETRACK: Bonus for the scan. They took a GOOD look at my lungs. Some of you may recall, I had an episode in The Sovereign Conversion Van of Wonders when a radiator hose blew I had to breathe weaponized rad fluid steam for about 20 miles. All looks swell, as do my ateries and stuff.

They now know I did not have a heart attack. They are not sure what's going on, but there is concern over my stent. You can read all about it HERE! I did a series of posts about that episode, including video of the blood coming back into my heart.


They wanted me to stay overnight and have a Cardiologist have a look see. I told'em I couldn't. My stuff would be WAY too vulnerable if I was away.

Bright Side: New State, New Town, New Hospital....

 ...and I can recycle my hospital material!

"It hurts when I do this.." Dr: Don't do that!

So...let me understand...if a stroke affects my left side, I'll be all right now?

I wanted to find a pre-owned D.N.R. bracelet. I mean, it's only used once..how much wear and tear can there be?

New day, new affliction, new audience.

I had them in...stitches.

But I digress.

Today would have been Day One in new territory for yours truly, in ripe fields of sales.

Tomorrow's another day.

And I'll still be here to see it.

Is that a good thing??? For now, I am AO(rtic)K

Until next time.....

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