Friday, January 4, 2013

This Crap Seems To Have Followed Me Here!

UPDATE 01/05/13 10:00 A.M. C.S.T. : Just got a call from the motel office. I have until 5 P.M. to come up with the money due or I am locked out and my stuff locked in. Their number is (817) 283-4601 if someone wants to help. Room 113.

11:05 A.M. C.S.T. Seems I am also going through Prednisone withdrawal. I am fatigued and really light headed....almost like I would pass out. The day gets better....

4:32 P.M. C.S.T. : A dear childhood friend from New Jersey just covered the motel through tomorrow morning. I have been going through Craig's List and other sites hoping to find some day work tomorrow and onward. Next!

01/04/13 Updates:

UPDATE 4:36 P.M. C.S.T. : If you all would, kindly send this link to people you know on your Social Media sites and email chains. That would help a great deal. I am SO close to getting out of this. Copy and Paste THIS and encourage them to check things out. Thanks!

This area of Texas is experiencing colder than normal temps. It should be upper 50's to low-ish 60's.

Of course it happens as I am about to be back living in The Conversion Van Of Wonders that is lacking the ability to create heat!

Go figure....

When I was at Camp Scooter:Southeast, Afscootistan I had my generator, heater, and friendly townsfolk. Not to say Texans aren't friendly...they certainly are! However, tolerance for a mobile Sovereign Nation with it's own Energy Ministry here  is questionable at best.

I am fairly well behind in fees dues the motel I am staying at, so no doubt they will lock me out, and my belongings in, at some point this morning.

Timing Is Everything.....

This coming week presents some opportunity. I have my first job interview in months on Wednesday, as well as my first visit with the Pulmonary Specialist to get the whole picture on where I am at regards my C.O.P.D. initial diagnosis.

On Thursday I attempt to monetize said malady by going through the first evaluation for a clinical PAID study of some new meds to treat same.

Of course these events couldn't have been last week, when my shelter and ability to perform daily modern hygiene were assured. Nope..has to be just THAT much out of reach.

Why do I even bother, anymore?

Because I think I am supposed to.

I am hoping something comes along that prevents this morning's "transition". I'll be out and about in any event looking for some Per Diem opportunities and support. Should you be inclined to help move things along, there is the PayPal button above or directly to my email at:

PayPal funds take a few days to transfer and be available, direct to the motel would be helpful.

Look, do I expect any help? one out there owes me anything.

Am I grateful when support comes along?

You betcha'! In some ways it has been life saving. Whether allowing your humble narrator to continue to exist may be questionable, I am appreciative of the ability.

In closing, I am prepping to be out of here in the best possible way, all things considered, and try get to my Dr. to see about meds that help me breathe.

Hello Friday!

Until next time....


  1. Hi Sccoter,
    It's Connie (Uhrick) Harbby-sorry life has found you in the circumstances you are currently living. I found you by complete accident this morning looking at another site, and thought the odds of someone else named Scooter Jolley had to be slim. Not sure where you are in Texas, up until this past February I traveled in that state extensively for work. Our politics appear to be entirely opposite, so I am not entirely mystified by why you don't walk into a public ER and get some help. I worked in Healthcare for years and years and think you have a right to treatment, it's why I pay taxes, in part. (So GO for the sake of your kids, dammit.)

    1. OMG!!!! I have looked for your all over social media!!!! PLEASE reach out to me on Facebook.