Friday, January 11, 2013


UPDATE 7:41 P.M.C.S.T. : Locked out!
Like a "Boot" on a tire, this is a boot on the door knob. Thank heavens for Texas weather!

As of 11:00 A.M. C.S.T. I will owe $150.00 for back rent on my motel room. I'll be in Dallas most of the day with a job interview and pursuing some other opportunities I have been made aware of. When I return, most likely there will be a pad lock on the door.

I'll be trying to do some fund rising while in town, but if anyone here wants to help here's how:

The motel directly:
Mid City Inn #113
1451 West Euless Blvd.  Euless, Texas  76040

PLEASE email me at: if you go this route. Keeping them honest and all.

Also, the PayPal button you see to the right. Even though it takes a couple of days for funds from there to clear to me, I have someone who will loan me the amount for use right away, if I can show I have collateral.

It feels THIS close right now. Being a lab rat for the paid study and this job lead is strong!! The weather this weekend is expected to bring plummeting temps and as I said before, the van has no heat.

This post will disappear after the situation has passed.

Thanks for reading.

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