Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's Talk About Extremes....

03/22/13 PLEASE...could someone tell me why, all of a sudden, I am getting hits from all over the globe looking for this symbol? Please email: Thanks!

PREFACE: Back in the spring, while driving along the famous Garden State Parkway, I had a radiator hose blow on me, sending tons of weaponized steam inside The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders.  That was the beginning of the respiratory issues for yours truly, leading to the diagnosis of C.O.P.D.  You can read about that misadventure HERE.

On the way to an interview as noted in the post below this one,  I ran into over heating issues of a significant nature. Well....guess who had weaponized steam in his face, again. Moi! Had no choice, was late to the interview. It wasn't as bad as last time, only coming from the engine and not inside the cab. But try as I may, I did wind up breathing some of it in. stuff....

Today started out as a really good day!!! I awoke feeling fine...showered early...had my coffee and headed of to a local church. I met the flock just before Christmas as they came to the motel, offering up some very tasty hot meals. After I finished said meal, I stepped out side and saw the Pastor delivering a message to his flock.  As I staid in the background listening, I found there was something about the way he spoke and the message he chose compelling. I was...impressed!

Not feeling sick upon awakening and ready to go, I can finally attend his church. I had been hoping to for the last two week.  And....WOW...this guy is really dynamic! He has been doing a series of services focused on the relationship of a man and wife. He was funny, pointed, irreverent....all the while getting the message across and never crossing a line into the in appropriate.

I enjoyed this service more than any in a long time.

He and I talked for a good half an hour afterwards and I hope to get together with him this week and work on social media on behalf of his church. The organization's website is found HERE.

I think I have found my House-0-Faith! Pastor Brad and I share some common background experiences and occupations, as well. This guy will bring more folks into the faith that the style of many other fine preachers. He has an edge that is both welcome and timely.

The morning went well. The afternoon...not so much.

I has gotten myself down to just one med for the C.O.P.D. and have been working to improve my lung capacity by walking, etc.

After services, I noticed the same feeling in my chest as I did shortly after the weaponized radiator steam incident this past Spring. Tight and feeling my lungs filled with..something. It had been coming on slowly, but I put it off to the weather. The weather today is fine.

So, I'm driving along and.....the van starts acting up. Stalling....stuttering....very rough idle. Blowing smoke..and losing fluids. The radiator problem I think is either the lower hose is blown...or the water pump is kaput. The engine blowing smoke...and a lot of it. Some seal or gasket got clobbered when I went to the job interview and was overheated to the point the temperature indicator's needle got pinned to the extreme.

The van has some serious issues...REALLY serious! And after 11:00 A.M. C.S.T. tomorrow, I may have to be living in it. Swell.

Great morning.....crappy afternoon. Yin and Yang...the symbol above.

Blue ...positive and uplifting...Red...negative and destructive.

Welcome to my world. RED is my color of  the balance of de' day.

I try...I really do. But it seems one obstacle after another....with minor victories in between. Not sure what...or how next step will be.....

We'll see. In the meantime, this song had been playing in my head and offers a wee bit of comfort this evening. Enjoy, if you will..

Until later.....


  1. Put a fork in ya.....Your done

    1. Actually it's "you're", and perhaps you are correct. Maybe your clairvoyant abilities are better than your acumen at spelling.