Saturday, January 12, 2013

So I Start Yesterday Off....

UPDATE 01/13/13 5:44 P.M. C.S.T. : I have some amazing news to relate!!! Will do so in a bit, but know that I am back in the room...and then some!!! a fairly optimistic mood. I go to my interview, arrive early, and it goes really well.  As far as the guy who saw me was concerned the job is mine! I figure, great!

While in Dallas I stop by to thank someone in person who had helped me from a distance. Nice to put a face on things. We had a very nice conversation, and I head off to explore Dallas for a bit.

One spot I was I see this guy setting up a system with 3 laptops, a tripod with slots for 3 devices of some sort, and a extension cord running to a power inverter in his mini van. Turns out is was something to do with updating the 911 system with G.P.S. coordinates.


Anyway, while watching him I call over to the guy who interviewed me to get more info on a motel near the place he mentioned to me. I figured I could get things in order to prep for Monday. He was out doing a test drive, but the woman who answered the phone told me my number was already in front of her on a sticky note. She said he'd call back soon. This was around 3 P.M.

Time comes for me to head back to Euless and I bid adieu to Dallas for the time being.

So much for a great's now 5:30 or so...

I stop to get some coffee and while enjoying said beverage, the phone rings. Turns out it's the boss of my potential boss. He asks a number of questions about my background in automotive. I answer each and every one, as well as offer references for him to call. He asks if I can drive back to Dallas that minute and I explain my gas is low and I am unable to. Same thing would go for today, Saturday, unless I got some cash somehow.

And we are officially downhill from there! Thing is, I was at my appointment early...AND I had  tried to reach out before I left Dallas. It's not like I didn't make the effort.

Anyhow...the job thing is in limbo at best right now. I just tried calling my initial contact...we'll see.

Then I get back to my room and the door knob has a boot on it. That will remain until I come up with arrears.  Thus...slept in the van last night with all my stuff behind a double locked door.

Thus...have to raise about $200.00 or so just to stay afloat.

My chest is feeling very tight from the night insurance goes kablooey VERY soon....

I'll write more later....

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