Monday, January 14, 2013

I Needed A Day..... regroup a bit. Wound up sleeping outside Friday night and the air did not do my lungs any favors. Fortunately it was pretty the 50' I wasn't freezing.

I was hanging out in the van at the Q.T. on the corner for pretty much all of Saturday. People were coming up to me after reading what I have written on the BIG windows on the side of the van. Asking me stuff...engaging in chit chat...sometimes offering me some assistance.

The day was going slowly and I was a fair distance away from what I needed to get the room back. When this fellow comes up to me and asks if I needed gasoline, while handing me some cash. I explained I did, but was focusing on the motel bill and getting a couple of nights more. He told me to pull up to the pumps and he would fill the tank.

This HUGE!!!! I can't recall the last time I have a full tank.

While it was filling we talked about my and why I was in Texas...about me getting sick....etc.

The tank full, I thank him over and over for the help. He tells me he's glad to do it and heads off. I go back to my parking spot and linger.

A few minutes later, a truck identical to his pulls up 2 spots away from me and, lo and behold, it's him again. He asks me about the motel and I tell him what I have to have to get back in and he offers to go with me to make up the arrears.


Well...he not only pays what I owe...he springs for another full week here!

Huge-erer!!! (I know..not a word....)

Next time some one tries to tell me there is no God, I am gonna kick them in the crotch!

So Sunday was spent regrouping and letting my lungs feel better. Even the Golden Globes this year was over all enjoyable.

Today I am working on getting my auto insurance paid. The job interview I had to postpone last week is rescheduled for this Wednesday. Also, taking part in a paid study in Dallas on Saturday that pays $200.00.

For now I get back to emailing resumes and job applications. Sally forth and all that....

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